Retail Marketing Agency Cincinnati

Retail Marketing Agency Cincinnati

Holland Advertising : Interactive Grows Client Revenues as the Retail Marketing Agency Cincinnati.

Do you have a retail business and would like to increase your customer base, encourage customer referrals, and create a rewards program that grows your business exponentially? Today’s retail customers are savvier than ever, and you need a retail marketing agency that understands this rapidly-changing environment so that your sales revenues can grow.

Holland Advertising: Interactive is the retail marketing agency Cincinnati that will help bring customers to your store and engage them with offers and incentives that encourage them to return. If your retail business isn’t regularly engaging with your customers, chances are your competitors have a retail marketing agency Cincinnati with a detailed strategy to entice your customers with offers and discounts to lure them away.

One of the most significant challenges retailers face is market differentiation and positioning. A retail marketing agency Cincinnati can no longer only be concerned with helping their clients sell; they need to help their clients create a brand strategy that conveys how they are different – and a better choice – than their competitors. Holland uses a client’s unique selling proposition (or USP) as a foundation to develop and share the retailer’s brand story.

Social media, PPC (pay per click), SEO (search engine optimization), mobile marketing, retargeted advertising, direct mail, and other marketing services are all methods your competitors may be using, and chances are they are working with a retail marketing agency Cincinnati that is helping them meet their sales goals. These retail marketing agencies are likely trying to gain business from your customer base, and if you don’t have a solid strategy you may see your sales revenues slipping away.

If you are working with a retail marketing agency Cincinnati that has created a strategy, it should be revisited at least once a year. If you don’t have a retail marketing strategy, or aren’t sure if you need one, we suggest you answer the following questions:

  • Does your retail marketing agency’s plan succeed in getting customers to return to your store?
  • Is your retail marketing agency’s plan effectively communicating new products and services to your customers and prospects?
  • Does your retail marketing plan include a solid rewards program, and are you monitoring and tracking the sales results?
  • Do you have a sound marketing strategy that entices prospects to shop your store and return for additional great shopping experiences?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then you are not likely obtaining the maximum return on your marketing investment, and would probably benefit from working with a retail marketing agency Cincinnati. Holland can create a sound marketing strategy and detailed plan that will help your business maximize the impact of your retail marketing efforts and deliver you a greater marketing ROI.

Using your current marketing budget, Holland – retail marketing agency Cincinnati experts -will grow your business with a strategy that brings in new customers. That’s correct – Holland can develop a customized marketing strategy with no more money than your retail business is currently investing in marketing.

The Rug Gallery Case Study: Holland as a Retail Marketing Agency Cincinnati

The Rug Gallery, recognized publicly as The Best Specialty Rug Retailer in America, was faced with a need to sell as much inventory as possible without exceeding an existing, limited budget. The retail business called on Holland, as a retail marketing agency Cincinnati expert, to provide a solution to this marketing challenge. By implementing a retail marketing plan created by Holland:

  • The Rug Gallery achieved record sales months and has enjoyed a 400% increase in sales over a 12-year period. Holland was able to realize that The Rug Gallery was actually in the business of selling color and design, and recommended to the owner, Sam Presnell, that he invest the majority of his marketing budget in television.
  • Holland’s retail marketing plan included emotionally compelling television commercials that focused on the company’s unique selling proposition. Store traffic increased dramatically after the television commercials began and the retail marketing agency plan proved successful immediately.
  • The Rug Gallery also experienced success from a multi-dimensional direct mail campaign that achieved a 70% response rate.

A retail marketing agency can have a significant impact on how retail businesses connect with customers and prospects and grow their sales revenues. Holland can help connect the businesses and their marketing efforts with prospects to inform, educate, engage and act – generating new customers for the retail business.

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