29 Dec 2015

Why Should Your Business Invest in SEO?

29 Dec 2015

Search-Engine-OptimizationWith the rise of search engine capabilities and almost universal access to the Internet, it comes as no surprise that people are relying on these tools to seek out specific products and services.  Specifically, they tend to place the majority of weight on the results yielded by search engines after a simple search consisting of only a few words.  And where your company ranks within these results matters.

The higher your company’s site ranks on the results page after a search, the more likely the searcher is to visit your site and ultimately, the more likely they are to convert.  Link clicks and site visits yield conversions.  It makes sense, right?

Yet clients continue to question how they could benefit from Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Here, we’ll address the three most common arguments that arise when having the conversation about SEO.

Argument 1: It’s not a worthy investment of my company’s time or money.

Rebuttal: Organic searches are the cheapest way to attract visitors to your site and see the greatest ROI over time than other forms of traditional marketing.

Argument 2: Our site is already ranking without SEO. 

Rebuttal: SEO will help your company maintain and even improve your position as new businesses enter your company’s niche.  This is vital to maintaining your competitive edge within your given industry.

Argument 3: I’ll think about it later.

Rebuttal: Other businesses—competitors—are thinking about it and implementing it now.  They will soon use SEO to their advantage and more than likely surpass you in certain areas, including sales and conversions due to SEO’s overall impact.

The moral of the story is simple – don’t get left behind.  Don’t let your competition outmaneuver you with their enhanced marketing tactics.  Let us help!

If you would like to learn more about what SEO has to offer your business, as well as gain more industry insight, we’d love to help. Holland’s experienced team takes a focused approach to marketing, injecting smart strategy and fresh ideas into each of its clients’ marketing plans.  For more information about how Holland can help your business see greater marketing ROI, contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

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