18 Nov 2015

Tips to Successfully Increase Website Conversion

18 Nov 2015

Some businesses don’t have the issue of insufficient website traffic, but the Achilles heel of the site and the company’s subpar performance is the lack of successful conversions from that traffic.  If people are coming to your site, but doing nothing beyond being merely a spectator or glorified window shopper, then what’s the point – unless the goal of your website is purely superficial education.

So how do you determine if there truly is an issue with your website’s conversion – or lack thereof?

First, you need to define what “conversion” looks like for your business. This could be as simple as someone submitting an email address to receive quarterly newsletters or updates, or it could be securing a purchase or sale on your e-commerce site.  This would ultimately be the metric that you use to set measurable goals – typically somewhere between 2 and 3 percent conversions – and monitor regularly. If you aren’t hitting the 2-3 percent goal, you may have an issue.  The good news is that in most cases lack of conversion is the result of a few key elements, and can be remedied.

Make the Opportunity Clear.

Oftentimes, the specific call to action that leads to measurable conversion is hidden behind clunky, outdated, labyrinth-like navigation or an overwhelming amount of words.  Simplify your call to action so that the viewer doesn’t have to think about next steps.  Making your call to action transparent from first glance will help eliminate any overthinking and make it less likely that the visitor leave before successfully converting.

Evaluate the Design or Presentation.

Oftentimes the opportunity for conversion gets hidden because of a lack of user friendly or intuitive design.  Such flaws in design can lead to difficulty finding your site’s specific call to action.  You can simplify by adding a button on each page giving the visitor the option and consistently reminding them to take action.

Make Yourself, Your Company or Your Offer More Valuable.

One of the most common reasons sites don’t see the conversion rates they desire is because, quite frankly, the offer just isn’t appealing.  You have to think of a conversion as a trade.  The individual is providing information in return something that your company is providing, and if what you’re providing isn’t appealing, then the trade won’t happen because it will be deemed “unworthy.”  Reevaluate your offer.  Send out a survey or ask for input about what is appealing or not about the offer. Increase the appeal, and see higher conversions. It’s that easy.

Realign With Your Audience.

Many companies are simply targeting the incorrect demographic, with unrealistic expectations.  The fact that Millennials are a growing percentage of the universal consumer base does not mean you will see adequate interest or conversions from them on websites that typically have an older following.  Attempting to reach different demographics can be a good thing, but don’t focus all of your marketing efforts on an exhaustingly unreachable demographic for your specific company.  Honing in on those likely to convert will help you see higher rates.

Get Help.

If your company is struggling with seeing adequate conversions from website traffic, or simply just isn’t seeing the website traffic it should be, we can help.  At Holland Advertising: Interactive, we take a holistic approach to marketing, seeking to uncover the issues at hand and provide solid plans to produce measurable results.  For more information about how Holland can help your business better align with its audience, meet sales goals and increase conversions, contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

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