03 Nov 2015

Three Tips to More Successfully Reach Baby Boomers

03 Nov 2015

Baby Boomers are one of the most talked about generations in existence today, and rightfully so. This generation is made up of those born from the mid-1940s to the early 1960s – times of civil unrest and wars witnessed on a global scale.  Boomers were largely the products of GIs returning from war, born into families long reunited after years of distance between them. They often had family members who served in World War 2, and frequently served in later wars themselves.  They tend to be incredibly patriotic, loyal to both family and nation.

This generation experienced near constant transitions and cultural shifts, so describing them in a few paragraphs even would prove difficult.  While they – like we have seen with every other generation – are vastly different, they do share a few common characteristics.  Keeping these general characteristics in mind will make reaching them a greater success.


Show You Care and Be Genuine

Don’t sell a product or service to this generation.  When you “sell,” you need to sell the way in which the product or service will enhance their quality of life.  Baby Boomers in particular like to feel as though you have their best interest in mind.  They don’t like to feel like you are selling anything, or that you are trying to get them with gimmicks.  Be honest in your selling tactics, and warm in delivery. Demonstrate how your product can benefit them and make their lives genuinely better.

These rules also apply to how your company handles customer service.  Baby Boomers do not like cold responses to issues that are raised, nor do they like robotic responses to genuine concerns. They instead prefer an honest and warm approach to problems, and a willingness to adapt to their desires.


Focus on Benefits, Not Features

Baby Boomers don’t necessarily care to have the most technologically advanced items.  They don’t care about a computer processor that increases the speed at which a new computer can synthesize information.  What they DO care about is how that processor can help make their lives easier.  This is important to keep in mind with product marketing, specifically, as there is often a focus on tech specs – a focus that overshadows the actual benefits of the products.  For Baby Boomers, it is vital that the focus is on the benefits of the product – NOT on the detailed specifications and features.


Maintain Approachability

Baby Boomers like to be able to talk to someone when they have issues with a product or service, and to schedule appointments via telephone or in person.  While features such as online scheduling are convenient for most, the majority of the Baby Boomer population would prefer to speak with someone and handle setting appointments or issues in person.  While later generations are slowly withdrawing from the majority of interpersonal interactions, Baby Boomers crave such interaction.  So if your company is considering eliminating front desk personnel in lieu of digital appointment scheduling and registration – or any other kind of impersonal approach to customer service – think again, or risk losing your Baby Boomer clientele.


Seek Out Some Assistance

If your company is in need of some help when it comes to generational marketing, the folks at Holland Advertising: Interactive would love to chat.  We are a full-service ad agency that brings unsurpassed expertise and decades of experience tailoring our clients’ messages and marketing campaigns to more successfully reach specific demographics and generations.  We bring creative solutions and experienced execution to the marketing realm, with an emphasis on results. For more information about how Holland can help your business better align with its audience, meet sales goals and see greater marketing ROI, contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

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