06 Oct 2015

The Importance of The Silent Generation in Healthcare Marketing

06 Oct 2015

The “Silents” – so called due to their apparent lack of voice when compared to the groups who preceded and followed them – are comprised of those born in the late 1920s to mid-1940s.  They are a group that witnessed quite a few catastrophic world events – including The Great Depression and World War II – and have learned to adapt to the direst of circumstances.

This generation is on the older end of the age spectrum, meaning that healthcare is needed on a variety of levels – audiology, optometry, dentistry, etc.  This provides an opportunity for healthcare practitioners and healthcare marketing agencies alike to capitalize if they truly understand the generation, their desires and their values.  If you understand, then you can tailor marketing messages to be delicately received by those individuals.

Here are a few things to take into consideration that will help you more successfully reach this demographic.


Emphasis on Family

The Silent Generation grew up in a time when family was often what carried them through the worst of times – economic depression, war, general civil unrest, etc.  This generation experienced a lot, and they tend to hold onto the same family values that got them through previous times of distress.  Oftentimes, they even value the well-being of their family over themselves.

If you’re a healthcare marketing agency attempting to reach this demographic for a client, consider promoting the service in a way that would demonstrate how the healthcare services provided by your client would help them better enjoy time with family or would benefit the family in general.  Many of The Silent Generation would be more likely to respond and seek medical attention if they were made aware that they wouldn’t be the only party benefiting from the service.


Driven by Bottom-line and Results 

The Silents are a generation driven by getting the most bang for their buck.  They lived through times that made them appreciate the value of a dollar, and for that reason they expect to see a return on their investment.  As a healthcare marketing agency, it is vital to take this into consideration.  If you have the ability to integrate even something as simple as a quote from an authority figure, it will help your cause and further establish your client as credible.

Additionally, The Silents want results.  If you have access to a specific success rate, success stories or have the ability to offer a money-back guarantee for your services if the consumer isn’t satisfied, that significantly increases your perceived credibility.


Traditional Forms of Marketing Preferred

Though many of the Silent Generation do in fact have social media accounts and access to the Internet, they are by no means tech savvy.  For this reason, a perfectly balanced combination of traditional marketing techniques is often ideal.  Consider direct mail pieces, newspaper ads, etc.  Though overall newspaper readership is down, the demographic that most frequently subscribes is the 65-plus population, meaning that if done appropriately and messaged accordingly, there is a good chance of eliciting a response.


Simplicity is Best

The Silent Generation is an aging generation, and one that frequently has difficulty with sensory perception.  This means that they often have difficulty reading fine print or copy that is light in color, as well as difficulty absorbing cluttered imagery or text.  Make print, ad and web design as simple to digest as possible. Stay away from collages or an overwhelming amount of graphics, copy that overlaps or requires work to understand.  Make navigation simple, as navigation that requires a lot of effort can be overwhelming and steer potential Silent Generation consumers away.

If your company is in need of a healthcare marketing agency that brings unsurpassed expertise marketing to a variety of age groups – The Silent Generation included – Holland Advertising: Interactive would love to help.  We bring decades of experience tailoring our marketing messages and campaigns to specific demographics – including lifestyle, age, etc.  We bring creative solutions and experienced execution to the marketing realm, with an emphasis on results. For more information about how Holland can help your business better align with its audience, meet sales goals and see greater marketing ROI, contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

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