ROI Marketing Plan

A Customized, Strategic ROI Marketing Plan

The experienced Holland team will develop a budget-based, customized, strategic marketing plan that will prioritize and recommend marketing tactics to help you grow your business and achieve your sales goals.

Measuring Your Marketing Success

Holland will also monitor and track on a monthly basis the progress and results of the agreed upon goals. These can include measurement of revenues, qualified referrals, lead generation, conversions, existing client growth and more.

Our specialized expertise includes the following primary services:


Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy is all about making specific choices to be successful in the marketplace. The core of an effective marketing strategy is to know where your business will compete and how your business will be successful.

The following are questions the experienced Holland team will help you answer to define your effective marketing strategy:

      1. It is important to choose and prioritize your choices across all geographies, industry segments, customer segments, and product categories. You want to select attractive segments where your business can compete and be successful. Where will your business compete in terms of different markets and segments? You need to be where your business’s core strengths will enable you to compete and successfully grow your business.
      2. What are your business’s core strengths? Leverage your business’s strengths – your unique selling proposition and your competitive advantage. It’s about how a company utilizes its advantages to create superior sales results. How are you going to successfully grow your business profitably? Who are your most profitable clients? How are we going to find more of them?