Zicka Homes
project name

Zicka Homes


The Challenge
– To strategically communicate the Zicka Homes brand story in an updated search optimized website.

The Solution
– Branded Zicka Homes as “Enduring Quality. Personalized Experience.  Your Home.”
– Started a search engine optimization project including the following steps:

  • Step 1: Keyword research
  • Step 2: Website analysis
  • Step 3: SEO changes
  • Step 4: Update website (website live on 5/1/14)
  • Step 5: Quality assurance
  • Step 6: Site map creation
  • There were 22 keywords chosen by the client

The Results
– Within 90 days, the Holland team was able to obtain first page rankings.  Holland created a successfully branded website with a strategic and compelling brand story.
– Holland ran a keyword research report for 22 keywords on May 1, 2015 which resulted in the following:

  • All 22 keywords were ranking on page 1-3 or in top 28 positions on Google
  • 8 keywords ranking in #1 position on Google
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