The Rug Gallery
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The Rug Gallery


-Increase website traffic and CTR for The Rug Gallery.

Holland developed a strategic plan that successfully targeted 2 audiences (Millennials and the High Class) for 6-months.

– Group 1 focused on millennial homeowners with a household income of $100,000 in 15 specific zip codes near The Rug Gallery.
– Group 2 focused on High Class homeowners with a household income of $250,000 in 15 specific zip codes near The Rug Gallery.
– Developed and displayed network banners for both target audiences.
– Created and produced a 30 second video pre-roll for both target audiences.
– Ordered 262,000 impressions for video pre-roll.
– Ordered 1,175,000 impressions for display banners.
– Developed landing pages for both target audiences.
– Started campaign running 3 different ad messages for both target audiences.
– Based impressions on Publisher Content, Keyword Search, and Site Retargeting.
– Tracked both targeted audiences on Google Analytics.
– Reviewed ads each month to optimize campaign.
– Continued to run the more successful ads until the end of the 6-months.

Holland Advertising: Interactive successfully increased web traffic and CTR for The Rug Gallery through this campaign. The video pre-roll received an additional 14,183 impressions as a bonus, and the display banners received an additional 65,795 impressions as a bonus. This resulted in a .57% CTR for the video pre-roll (The average is 0.2% to .4%). The Display Banners also saw a higher than average CTR with .11% (The average is .08%).

All in all, website traffic for The Rug Gallery increased by 56% compared to the prior year when Holland only utilized traditional advertising.

To help the client advertise and sell as much inventory as possible without exceeding an established, limited budget.

Holland identified that The Rug Gallery was really in the business of selling color.

– Produced emotionally compelling television commercials with a limited budget.
– Transitioned from black and white newspaper advertising into television.
– Developed an ad campaign, using testimonials from interior designers, which appeal to  both the trade and the high-end consumer markets.
– Constructed a dimensional direct mail campaign aimed at interior designers.
– Placed bold outdoor advertising in targeted zip codes for maximum impact and impressions.
– Established an attractive, user-friendly web site.
– Negotiated highly effective and targeted media buys.
– Recommended that The Rug Gallery develop the Cincinnati Magazine Interior Design  Awards as a promotional tool to target interior designers.

Holland worked with The Rug Gallery to implement a TV campaign that resulted in record sales months. The Rug Gallery has realized a 400%+ sales increase over 10 years in addition to a dimensional direct mail campaign with a response rate of 70%.

To help The Rug Gallery sell as much inventory as possible before moving to their new location.

Holland’s marketing experience and expertise convinced the client to hold a moving sale. It was a better use of advertising dollars, and would also reduce moving costs.

– Developed TV, radio, and print ads communicating the message to prospective customers.
– Created a direct mail piece to target existing customers.

Holland helped The Rug Gallery achieve three months worth of sales within three weeks of starting their special promotion.

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