Paramount’s Kings Island
project name

Paramount’s Kings Island


The Challenge
How do we increase Paramount’s Kings Island Group Sales attendance each season?

The Solution
–        To communicate the Group Sales Picnic Grove and Park Package as a “value package” to targeted group’s sales customers.  Target markets were Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Tennessee and Michigan.
–        Holland designed numerous direct mail campaigns for the following audiences: Healthcare Days, Math & Science Days, Grad Night, Greek Week, Cheerleader Days and Public Employee Days.
–        Created and executed a Spring & Summer “4-pack” couponing promotion to the general public and businesses in our target markets.

The Results
–        Between 1996 and 2002, Paramount’s Kings Island had a 7% average group sales annual attendance growth rate.
–        For the 2001 & 2002 seasons, Holland mailed 11,735,250 coupons for the Spring & Summer “4-pack” couponing system with a 4.9% redemption rate.

“Since we began working together in 1996, your commitment to our company has made all the difference.  Not only have you produced excellent work, you’ve also planned ahead to help us save costs and meet deadlines while giving us amazing turn-around.  Your team has helped make us the most successful Group Sales department among all of the Paramount Parks.”

Linda Jensen
VP Marketing & Sales

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