Mason Company
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Mason Company


How to differentiate the Mason Company from its competitors while helping potential customers around the world understand their vast product line.

To communicate the complicated Mason product line in a simple way that will resonate with veterinarians, pet resort owners and directors of animal shelters, generating more sales and qualified leads from the website.

One of Mason’s strengths is its ability to customize its products to achieve a perfect animal enclosure solution for their customers’ needs. However, this became a barrier because Mason offered so many options that it was difficult for customers to understand. Holland solved this problem by creating a piece of sales literature that simplified the process – the literature walks the prospect through the 4 simple steps in building the perfect customized modular kennel system. Holland executed additional marketing strategies:

– In order to acquire more qualified leads from the Mason web site, Holland recommended  developing a whitepaper that could be downloaded titled “7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Animal Facility.”
– Trade magazine ads and online banner advertising promoted the whitepaper along with  Mason’s innovative and patented products.
– The Mason web site is optimized and has achieved first page rankings on all their keywords.
A strategic media plan with the right mix of print and online advertising was implemented  to target the niche markets.

Hits to the Mason website have increased by over 15%. Mason’s “7 Biggest Mistakes” whitepaper is being downloaded 4–5 times per week from qualified prospects that are in the planning process of building a new animal facility. Mason has had record orders for the first 4 out of 5 months, and they achieved record sales for the year.

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