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Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products

The Challenge How can Holland Advertising :


The Challenge
How can Holland Advertising : Interactive improve creative messaging and increase the cost effectiveness of Kaeser & Blair’s marketing investment to get people to become Kaeser & Blair Business Owners?

The Solution
– Differentiated Kaeser & Blair’s brand from their competition and created the strategic brand tagline, “Profits and Reputation Beyond Compare.”
– Obtained customer database from Kaeser & Blair along with sales history and prospects who were interested in business opportunity but never converted.
– Appended nearly 130 different demographic data points to each Kaeser & Blair record and matched about 65% of their records.
– Created 5 different Best Customer Profiles based on purchase history and demographics.
– Identified the highest performer among the 5 profiles, which we had named “Lauren.”
– Focused limited marketing dollars on the Lauren profile.
– Added new web pages to website that used keywords relevant to the Lauren profile to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
– Identified 10 bloggers who target women similar to our Lauren profile and invested marketing dollars in connecting with their audience through banner ads, blog posts, email marketing, and promotional opportunities.
– Wrote monthly blog post(s) focused on different keywords relevant to the Lauren profile.
– Made adjustments to Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click campaign to target the Lauren profile through stay-at-home mom ads.
– Sent email marketing survey to prospects, customers, and lapsed business owners and identified behaviors and insight, such as why they became interested in Kaeser & Blair in the first place.
– Prioritized what we learned from the primary research and integrated it into our creative messaging.

The Results
The best customer profiles and the primary research focused Kaeser & Blair’s marketing dollars and creative messaging to convert prospects into business owners. Through targeting women who fit within the Lauren profile, we targeted people more likely to become the highest performers as Kaeser & Blair Business Owners and increased the cost effectiveness of their marketing investment. Here is a more specific breakdown:

– By targeting women within the Lauren profile on Google Adwords/Pay-Per-Click, we came from having a $38 cost per conversion to now having a $20 cost per conversion.
– The blogger marketing program is delivering a $2 – $10 cost per conversion. In fact, a recent quarterly email from one of the bloggers had a 21.2% open rate and 146 conversions – a cost per conversion of $6.
– The organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing with the help of SEO is generating the most conversions at a cost per conversion of $25.