JP Flooring
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JP Flooring


How do we increase sales and promote a new store to the consumer market for a client who has traditionally only promoted to homebuilders?

Holland recommended changing the company name from JP Flooring Systems to JP Flooring Design Center.

– Branded JP Flooring by developing the tagline, “Service and Selection at Your Feet.”
– Hired Robin Wood, local personality, as a spokesperson.
– Developed a television campaign targeting women age 35-54.
– Integrated an outdoor campaign.

JP Flooring saw a 345% increase in store traffic on the first Saturday after the television campaign began. In the first year, they saw a 35% increase in sales, from $20 million to $27 million, which was a recession year. Over the following five years, they experienced a 50% increase in sales.

“Thank you for not only convincing me, but also proving to me that advertising really does work!”

“Our television campaign has been a huge success.”

“On Saturday, March 2, one hundred and twenty-nine people came through our front doors because of those TV spots. Our sales staff was completely overwhelmed. They’ve never had so many customers in one day. It was unbelievable!”

– Phil Schrimper, Owner

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