Hill-Rom at Home
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Hill-Rom at Home


A multi-national manufacturer of hospital health care equipment needed to introduce their products to a consumer audience. While the manufacturer is well-known and highly respected throughout the medical world, they were entering a new market by making their products available for home use.

– Holland segmented the target market into two groups: Influencers and End Users. By focusing on Influencers, we would be able to get pull-through from consumers, and our Influencers would be instrumental in helping move consumers into a sale.
– Holland launched its targeted Influencer campaign to 4,000 targeted physicians promoting home health care beds, therapy surfaces, preventative mattresses and specialty furniture.

The program was a 3 month, Time Magazine 4-page cover wrap to physicians. The insights gained through the program were as follows:

– Nearly 70% of doctors read the Time cover wraps
– Nearly 60% of doctors said the Time cover wraps were useful and informative
– Prior to the Time cover wrap program, 42.9% of doctors were not at all familiar with products
– Now, 77.2% of doctors understand what products to recommend to their patients
– Doctors have a new reliable source to help caregivers and patients who need hospital quality products at home

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