Gilkey Window
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Gilkey Window


– How do we differentiate Gilkey Window Company in a commodity business where windows are always on sale?

– Positioned Gilkey’s high-end Heat Mirror window as the best window on the market
– Branded Gilkey by developing the tag line, “The Windows of Tomorrow, Today” and creating original music
– Executed multi-media advertising campaign, covering outdoor, magazine advertising, radio commercials and award-winning television spots
– Established Gilkey’s online presence by building website
– Developed sales tool that simplified the process of buying and selling windows
– Ensure brand consistency in all marketing

– First ever $2 million sales month
– Increased monthly sales figures
– Increased average window sale
– Dramatically increased closing ratio on sales calls
– $1 million B2B sales were attributed to our marketing efforts
– 39% increase in sales ($1.8 to $2.5 million) from January 2001 to 2002

“Great job on helping us set a new sales record! Our January through March sales increased 18% over our best year ever! Your television and radio spots were right on target, and our sales people love the new sales literature. Thanks for a job well done!”

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Mike Gilkey