BGR Packaging Solutions
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BGR Packaging Solutions


To establish and successfully communicate BGR’s brand story and their consultative selling approach—the BGR Cost Advantage Program.

Holland assisted BGR in crafting their brand story, identifying their unique selling proposition, and created a proprietary name for their consultative selling approach, the Cost Advantage Program.

– Crafted BGR’s brand story, embodying their USPs of being an industry knowledge leader and the total packaging solution—a company that can provide everything from packaging consumables to machinery to automation solutions
– Created a proprietary name—the “Cost Advantage Program”—for BGR’s unique consultative selling approach
– Created a successful marketing tool for the BGR sales team, consisting of a box that included a brochure and a calculator, communicating the new BGR Cost Advantage Program
– Created sales literature and tools to express BGR’s unique consultative selling approach to create new opportunities to discuss products and programs with existing and new customers

Though the BGR Cost Advantage is ongoing, within 60 days, a sales person using this program landed a major order of $34,000 from a new customer. This program helps get sales people in the door with new clients. Prospective clients also say they never knew BGR offered so many products and services. Feedback has been positive from all sales representatives using the sales tools created for BGR. They have achieved an increase in sales of 14% for the year – double over the previous year.

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