02 Oct 2017

Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Develops A Brand For A Unique Boutique

02 Oct 2017

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Holland Advertising : Interactive has worked with Aquatic & Garden Décor since 1990. During that time, our Cincinnati advertising agency has continually developed a brand preference for their unique specialty store with a limited marketing budget and has helped build their business by 10% to 15% to even 20% each year. Our challenge, however, has always been to increase sales and grow the customer base within the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton markets.

Back in 1990, when we first met with Aquatic & Garden Décor, they were using line drawings to sell their products in newspaper ads. Knowing how colorful each product was, Holland instead suggested they focus their marketing dollars on TV advertising to truly show the diverse and beautiful product selection. In the spring of 1991, Holland produced the first TV campaign with a series of spots, which started the client’s appreciation of TV.

Another part of our solution was to develop a logo and tagline to create their Brand Identity and differentiate them from their competition. After an in-depth look into Aquatic & Garden Décor’s business and product selection, we created “The Art of Beautiful Living™” – a testament to what customers could expect when shopping at Aquatic & Garden Décor. Here is their logo with the aforementioned brand tagline:

Next, our Cincinnati advertising agency designed a sophisticated website showcasing their extensive outdoor products line up. As TV spots continued to showcase their diverse product line, Aquatic & Garden Décor online presence grew stronger, the website was used to attract customers to visit the store. You can visit the website here or view a photo of the website below:

Over the years, Holland developed and implemented targeted spring TV media buys to promote the brand and increase store traffic. In 2015, Aquatic & Garden Décor ran TV spots in Dayton and immediately saw growth in their web and in-store traffic. You can watch one of these TV spots by clicking the link below:


As a result of these strategic marketing efforts, Aquatic & Garden Décor is Cincinnati’s largest retail store of its kind, the Midwest’s largest selection of outdoor products, and a destination store for the Midwest region. The total marketing campaign has continued to increase awareness and drive traffic to the site as well as the store.

In September 2017, our Cincinnati advertising agency started a Display/Retargeting campaign that is scheduled to end in December. We’re confident this effort will also improve Aquatic & Garden Décor’s fall business. By targeting specific zip codes, keywords, competitors, as well as many other demographics, we will direct potential customers to a landing page that highlights holiday items with a message that boasts “Buy Unique From Our Boutique.” As you can imagine, we are eagerly waiting to see the results.

Are you in need of growing your business 10% to 15% to 20%? Contact Paul Frodge at 513.744.3009, or email him at pfrodge@hollandadvertising.com and you can also become one of our many client success stories.


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