Justin Ellison

Justin knows that to get a customer’s attention in today’s market you need to work with an agency that develops a strategy that is smart, creative and brave.


Brave? Yes. Brave. Which is why Justin likes it here. He knows what’s important in visual design and what has the impact to connect with customers.

And what’s that?
Traditional design. Clean lines. White space. The courage to work at the intersection where classic meets contemporary cool.

See, advertising only for trends makes you forgettable…old school can get you overlooked, but Justin blends the two. Focusing on both classic design and current trends gives his work a fresh, memorable look, and will do the same for your brand. Brave, isn’t it?

It’s this blend of old and new that has kept Holland around for more than seven decades.

And that’s why Justin is such a great fit with our clients…old and new.

Justin’s passion for Graphic Design grew from his years of skateboarding – the art of the skateboard decks and the ads captured his interest. Skateboarding has allowed him to travel around the country. He has also had his worked published in the industry’s top magazine.

But there’s more to Justin! You’ll find him at local art galleries, music shows and breweries. He’s a big movie and video game buff, who also enjoys collecting vinyl records.

Justin attended Anderson High School and Cincinnati State College where he majored in Graphic Design and won a Student Gold ADDY Award.