Joseph Wendt

Joseph (Joe) Wendt is our data and analytics expert.
Making sense of what most would deem unusable information
is his unique passion, and he does it well.


As the President of Inner Join Technologies, Joe brings 12 years of consumer profiling, data integration, CRM, business intelligence and application development experience to the Holland team.

Joe loves taking overlooked pieces of information and molding them into valuable, strategic assets for his clients both large and small. He has worked for organizations ranging from the University of Kentucky to the Cincinnati Reds. Additionally, he has sat on a Major League Baseball (MLB) advisory board, using customer data to increase revenue.

Joe earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kentucky, with a concentration in new media.

When not evaluating data or looking for trends, Joe can be found binge-watching the DIY Network and putting his newly-acquired home improvement skills to work on his own home. He also enjoys the outdoors, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting and golf.