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Want to connect with your customers? Blog!

November 5th, 2013 | Author: CatTurner

If you’re looking to enhance your marketing efforts, consider blogging. Blogging is an easy way to drive traffic to your site via search engines, share valuable info with potential customers and show your talents as the expert that you are!

Blogging is inexpensive and easy. Blogger or WordPress are great blogging websites that are easy to use, and they give tutorials to help you get started. Setting it up is the easy part – the writing part is where things can get a little complicated. Here are 9 quick tips to remember when you start your business blog.

1. Create a plan – then follow that plan.

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Do you want to drive more business to your website, increase your local presence, or expand to a national audience? Do you want to share your expertise with others, increase awareness of your brand and generate business leads? If you’re blogging for your business, focus your efforts so that your message is clear and keep your posts focused on your goals.

2. See what’s out in the blogosphere – then find your niche.

As you start this process monitor what other bloggers in your industry are writing about, and how well their blogs are fairing on the web. It’s pretty easy to recognize successful blogs, they tend to be comment and discussion heavy, and appear on the first page or two of searches. You will also learn what NOT to do in the blogosphere, and how to differentiate your blog, company, and product or service from your competitors.

3. Plan to post regularly – but don’t overdo it!

Once you start your blog, you will find there is a rhythm to creating blog posts, but DON’T overwhelm your subscribers or email a link to your blog to everyone on your email list. Less really is more – the more you blog, the greater the chance your message will get watered down. A good plan is to start blogging two times per month, and if you have some great news or a new idea to share then strike while the iron is hot.

4. Use keyword-driven copy.

If you post twice monthly, be sure to use keywords to drive surfers to your site. You can optimize on a blog by blog basis, just be sure the keywords are the same for both your site and blog. With SEO, your copy needs to be 400-600 words long with the keyword density of 1-3% or a minimum of 5-7 times within the document.

5. Use social media to share your blog!

You’ll get more shares, likes and subscribers when you repost in Facebook and other social media sites. Put links at the TOP of your blog, so readers don’t need to scroll to the bottom to find them!

6. Link!

Include hyperlinks to articles, pages within YOUR website, or even other blogger’s articles within each post. This helps get your blog the attention of the search engines, directs readers to delve deeper into your website, and increase awareness of your blog. Be sure that the link is to RELEVANT information, not just your product page. Thoroughly read any other blog you link your blog to, including the comments. You may read a blog that sounds great, but creates a bit of controversy that isn’t well received and may have negative comments. Feel free to comment on other blogs as well and share your link in the comments, but don’t be offended if the writer deletes it – they may not follow the same blog etiquette as you!

7. Use visual elements.

It’s a fact that readers are more likely to open an article that has a visual element, and when it’s shared on social media it generates more interest than just a link. Be sure the images you use are not copyright protected.

8. Pay attention to your blog!

Encourage comments with questions within your blog and reply to comments as quickly as you can. We’ve all read blog posts that have questions in the comments that are never answered. Blogging can be a two-way discussion if managed properly and the result will be more shares and subscribers!

9. Keep it short, but content is king!

A good blog grabs the reader’s attention and leaves them with the impression that the blog contains valuable insights and information. Successful blogs have followers due to the relevant, insightful information they share with their readers, and their readers then share their content with others. Don’t just blog for the sake of blogging! Here’s a great article showcasing the top 10 business blogs – it will inspire you!

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