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The Internet of Things – Are You Connected?

February 10th, 2015 | Author: CatTurner

The Future of Connectivity Holds Great Promise Beyond Internet Marketing!

The Internet of Things is the Internet’s next generation, and it holds great promise for enhanced Internet marketing – and more. The Internet of Things includes every connected device on the planet, and there are more connected devices than people on Earth. There are three types of connections where the Internet of Things is concerned: machine-to-machine (sensors, robots, servers, etc.) machine-to-people (home security, wearable devices) and people-to-people (social networking, texting, etc.) and while many of them serve the private sector, businesses are jumping on board with internet marketing strategies to exploit these connections.

For the most part, connected devices enhance our lives and are used to help us connect with others, monitor our fitness, control our cars, turn on our lights – the list can be endless. There is a multitude of ways we use connected devices, and most people take for granted that they are part of the Internet of Things. People use wearable devices every day that can monitor things such as heart rate or insulin levels or rely on a sensor on their pill box to remind them to take their medicine. Businesses are working to find ways to use information that these devices could gather, and in the future these will be part of most businesses’ internet marketing strategies.

In addition to Internet marketing, connected devices have the potential for wide-sweeping applications in the future. Monitoring a person’s health – whether they are aging in place, disabled, or suffering from a chronic disease such as epilepsy or diabetes, can help bring care to them immediately in the event of a emergency, or minimize visits to the doctor or from a homecare professional. With a connected device they can maintain independence with confidence. A connected home can turn off a device, such as a slow cooker, and tell you when dinner is cooked – even if you’re away! In the future, a connected device will store information such as when and what you cooked for dinner this week, whether or not you’re out of milk, etc. With all that information, Internet marketing for home health care agencies, grocery stores, security providers, childcare, medical supplies, etc. are sure to follow suit – the possibilities for Internet marketing are endless!

Consider the potential for an Internet marketing plan with information gathered from connected devices. If you are a home improvement company specializing in basement waterproofing, tapping into the information gathered from home security systems that monitor for basement dampness could give you great list of hot leads. The same Internet marketing potential would apply to a company that sells diabetes supplies. Having access to people wearing an insulin monitoring device, and creating a campaign marketing directly to them would be a wise use of your internet marketing dollars.

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