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Want to increase your B2C or B2B sales numbers? Try Marketing to Women.

It doesn’t matter what article or study you read – women make or influence the lion’s share of the purchases in the US, and are closing in on men with the percent of earnings and overall wealth, too.

Unless you HAVEN’T been watching television, reading a newspaper (print OR online), shopping, or generally living out in the world in the last decade, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you that women are beginning to dominate as single homeowners, leaders, risk-takers, and movers and shakers. If you aren’t giving them an equal share of your marketing efforts you’re probably missing out…and it could really be costing you!

Most retailers attempt to appeal to women using mostly old stereotypes, but what about B2B sales? The number of women in decision-making positions in business and as business owners themselves is increasing rapidly. The standard salesman approach to connecting with business customers is finding a dead end with many companies and businesses because their message isn’t being well received. Marketing your business or service is more effective if it has a broader appeal. Read More

Women are Beginning to Rule Mobile Technology!

This power is beginning to drive trends in the mobile market and is an audience that marketers will not want to ignore!

Women are a growing category of daily users of mobile technology and are adapting it to fit their lifestyle of work, home and social activities. They also control the purchasing power. While they spend about $5 trillion, which is nearly half of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), they participate in 80% of all household purchases.



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