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Effective Immediately! Facebook Relaxes Rules For Hosting Contests.

Facebook announced some big news yesterday that will make it easier for you to leverage Facebook to grow your business. They have amended their Terms of Service regarding hosting of contests and giveaway promotions on your facebook company fan pages.

Previously, there were a lot of rules and red tape involved with running a contest legally on your facebook page – namely the requirement of facilitating it through a 3rd party application pre-approved by Facebook for that purpose.

This discouraged many businesses from using this tactic and many of those who tried were not following the rules, “winging it” and executing it outside the guidelines…. at the risk of being shut down by Facebook.

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Pre-Planning Checklist For Social Media Marketing

New social media can be a great addition to your marketing activities whether you sell a product or provide a service, and whether your primary target is consumers or other businesses. Taking time to prepare and then formulating a plan before you begin, is time well spent.

To achieve optimum results, certain core marketing components must be in place before launching your social media presence. These elements empower you to strategically choose the best channels in the social media space and position you to create an actionable, measurable plan for achieving overall marketing objectives.

Begin with an updated marketing plan that outlines your long term and short term goals for the business: Read More