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Social Media is a GREAT Way To Effectively Communicate Your Brand!

Are you engaging customers with your Facebook page? Do you Tweet about offers, sales and new products? Are you LinkedIn to others within your industry and reaching out to potential customers?

How effective are you at communicating your brand? If your interaction with your customers is merely offer-based, you may be missing out on the opportunity to engage and retain your customers by driving them to your website. Focusing on reach and awareness instead of offer redemption will engage more prospects that aren’t in the funnel, and encourage them to buy from you when they are ready.

Creating compelling ads that encourage prospects to interact with you and follow or “like” your brand increases awareness of your company and keeps you “top of mind”. Leveraging your content for social sharing will increase the likelihood of gaining followers and reinforces your position as the go-to company for your product or service. Attentive monitoring of what is being said about your brand is also important. Creating a dialogue with social media users includes consistently relevant comments that apply to current events or consumer trends. Relevant content is more likely to be shared – driving more users to your website.

Abandoning offers and incentives completely isn’t wise either, but the offer should be compelling enough to catch the eye of a prospect. For example, if you sell closet organization systems, offering “50% Off All Hangers” is not that eye-catching. A headline that connects with your brand, such as “End Closet Clutter, FOREVER – With 50% Off!” will get the attention of more people than just those in need of a few extra hangers. Running a contest is also a great fan and follower generator. If your company is in the pet industry, a contest to win free dog food for one year WILL get shared, liked and/or tweeted – potentially putting your brand in front of thousands of users.

Remember – it costs more to get a customer than to keep one. Have you heard that one? I hope so! It’s still true, YEARS after I heard it for the first time, and yet it still is a challenge for many businesses to embrace. How many offers do you see on a regular basis with disclaimers that the offer is for new customers ONLY! Think of the monthly specials from satellite or cable providers ready to give a house full of free electronics – to NEW customers only! That is a fantastic offer but every month I sit with last years’ model I feel slighted, and so will your customers if your ads only reward new customers. If you are engaging prospects with more than just offers, you’re creating brand recognition, creating interest, shares and visits to your website – as well as conversions.

Try it. The results will astound you. Even if you have a relatively small following you can generate interest quickly with the right messages and content. Once you start a campaign, monitor the analytics on your website for a clear picture of the effectiveness of your campaign.

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