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Retargeting – Because Every Site Deserves a Second Chance

The buzz in online marketing is retargeting. Retargeting is a simple way to give visitors to your site a nudge to take another look – and it’s highly effective. Once a person has visited your site (YAY!) and left without converting (BOO!) retargeting gives them a gentle reminder the next time they surf that your site is out there, waiting for them.

“SO, WHAT?” You may say, “We’ve been buying banner ads for years, but they’ve never really helped us convert web surfers.”

Well, that may be true, but the BIG difference is retargeting only hits on surfers that have already VISITED your site and are aware of your brand. You may have failed to convert them the first time, but your site deserves a second look, doesn’t it?

Of course it does, and retargeting does the trick- it’s a simple trick AND quite trackable. Once someone visits your site and leaves, they get retargeted the next time they surf the web. This keeps you top of mind, and allows surfers to click through your ad and return to your site.

Retargeting also allows your online marketing to be more…targeted. For example, if your site sells organic and bulk foods, and a surfer perused your custom spice blend page, you can specifically target them with that category in your retargeting ad. Not only is that the product most likely to convert them, but it allows you to be a bit more creative. Upping the creativity gives you a better chance of hooking them a second time and reeling them in.

Now that you know what retargeting is, how are you going to apply it to your marketing efforts in a cost-effective way? The beauty of retargeting is it gives you the opportunity to narrow the group of potential customers you are marketing to and engage an audience that is farther down in the buying funnel. By capturing the attention of a viewer that is close to a decision, you have a much greater chance of conversion. Your retargeting should include a stronger call to action, with offers and products that make it impossible NOT to click through to your site.

Retargeting requires a commitment. In many cases conversions can take time, and during that time you have to keep your retargeted ads fresh. Experts agree that 10 – 15 impressions over 3 months is a more effective approach than peppering a viewer with a constant barrage of ads. The latter case makes it easy to IGNORE your ads completely, potentially making you an annoyance and not a solution.

As the use of this new marketing tool continues to grow, marketing experts are becoming savvier about how, when, why and where to use retargeting. It’s safe to say that it’s here to stay, but before you go here are some things to remember:

1. Segment your audience.

As you retarget, your ads are more effective if you specifically target your ad to address the product of your audience’s original search. This is more effective than just returning to your home page. If they searched your site for shoes, then the call to action they receive should involve an offer or image of shoes.

2. Don’t OVER retarget.

Hitting your visitors with a barrage of ads is a turn-off. They will eventually stop even seeing them at all. Craft your message effectively and you’ll more likely convert.

3. Get creative. This is your time to let your ad agency’s creative department shine. Take some risks with some fresh, big ideas. After all, the point here is to get someone’s attention, isn’t it?

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