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Let Your Customers See Inside Your Business – Without Leaving the Comfort of Their Computer, Tablet or Phone!

With Google Business View, It’s Easy!
You only have ONE chance to make a first impression. With the overwhelming majority of consumers headed to the internet to research businesses, you need to engage prospects quickly, and make their first experience with your business a great one. Luckily, your friends at Holland Advertising : Interactive have a great method to get web surfers to your door – virtually.

It’s called Google Business View. It’s a great way to showcase your business, and let people see what it’s like to visit your store, restaurant, hotel, plant, etc., with a 360˚ virtual tour. Our photographer is Google-approved and will take exterior shots and interior photos that make your business look great, and use them to create a virtual tour. The photos are yours to use for any purpose, from your website to advertising collateral. Think about it – you spent time and money to make your place look great – here is your way to show off your business, and engage new customers!

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Manufacture More Sales With Inbound Marketing!

Create an Internet Marketing Plan That Maximizes Your Sales Potential!

If your internet marketing plan includes a great website loaded with product specifications, accolades about your company, information about how to contact you and easy online ordering, GREAT, but you could be doing more to generate leads and convert surfers to buyers.

When we are working with marketing professionals in the manufacturing industry we are often met with resistance to internet marketing. The argument we hear sounds a bit like this, “We are a B2B company, most of our prospects are attending tradeshows and reading trade publications. They aren’t surfing the web and using social media to find out about us, they use searches to shop for lawnmowers, cars or to get a deal on electronics or shoes.”

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Blast Your Brand!

Use E-blasts To Boost Brand Awareness.

The power of email is undeniable. Reaching out to customers and prospects with tantalizing offers via email works. The statistics vary by industry, but a 10 – 20% open rate is expected for most emails –which means that your message is being received by a large percent of your prospects. Getting an open rate that is consistently over 25% means that you’re doing a great job managing your lists and creating a message that is grabbing your audience.

But could your email campaign be doing even more?

Yes. You could be building brand awareness. Regardless of your current open rate, if you are only using email marketing to communicate offers and sales, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to build brand awareness. By touching your customers with news, products or industry-related information, you will be increasing the likelihood of recall of your brand the next time your prospect is making a buying decision.

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Want To Build Your Business With Referrals?

April 16th, 2014 | Author: CatTurner

ASK And You Shall Receive.

Getting referrals for your business can be one of the least expensive ways to build your business. There are many benefits to referrals that go beyond just the added revenue they generate. Referred customers tend to be better customers, and because they are somewhat informed about your business it makes it easier to start off on the right foot.

Some businesses suffer from a lack of referrals for one simple reason – they don’t ask for them. Asking clients for referrals should be done on a regular basis, yet many companies don’t. It’s easy to understand why some business owners don’t like to ask for referrals – they may lack what they consider the sales acumen necessary to get a “yes”, or they may feel it’s an imposition on the client. WHATEVER the reason, you need to view asking someone for a referral as a genuine opportunity for them to help a friend benefit from your service.

Getting to a “yes” is surprisingly easy once you ASK for the referral. In most cases your clients will be glad to help, especially if it’s at the right time – which is immediately following a successful sale or positive experience. It’s this kind of relationship building that strengthens your business and keeps it growing. Remember that the worst that can happen is that your client says “no”. If they do, it’s a great opportunity to open a dialogue about what you could be doing to improve the way you do business.

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You Need Social Media!

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Social media is used by business throughout the globe to further their relationships with customers, increase awareness of their products, mission and brand, and increase sales. But what about YOUR business? Have you considered social media, but think it really doesn’t apply to your business sector? You may be wrong! With a strategic vision for what you hope to accomplish, social media offers the unique opportunity for smaller companies to level the playing field like never before. While some business owners may be skeptical of the effectiveness of social media, others have realized legitimate returns through greater brand awareness, increased web traffic, enhanced customer service, better relationships, and higher sales.

Holland Advertising : Interactive Partner, Mark Holland, offers his top 10 reasons why your business should utilize social media and all it has to offer.

    1. Social media can be cost-effective, with a focused plan. Yes, memberships to social networks are free, but time is not, and neither is developing a winning strategy on how to make them work for your business. A significant time investment for strategic planning up front will equal big wins down the road and ensure that you’re constantly on track to meet your goals.

    2. Your customers are always connected. More people communicate with friends via social networks more than with personal email. Social media sites account for more than one out of every 4 minutes spent online. This boom in online activity has caused a huge shift in the way companies attract and interact with their customers.

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