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No Mobile Website? Tsk, Tsk!

We’ve all tried to view a website on our smart phone or mobile device and had to scroll back and forth to view their address, info, or products.  It’s infuriating, and if you have an older model phone it can be impossible to load the website at all.

Enter the mobile website – the answer to scrolling or long downloads.  If you don’t have one for your website, you need to get one – yesterday.  The advantages are many, but most importantly, according to Google 60% of users expect a mobile website to load in 3 seconds, or less. Now that we are in the age of instant accessibility to information, if you don’t have a mobile website OR your website is ineffective, you could be losing customers without even realizing it!

So what makes a great mobile website?  It’s a completely different set of standards than your “regular” website.  Design, color, and great copy are important on your website, but on your mobile website, pertinent information and quick access are key.  For example, if you are a restaurant have your location, phone number, and map easily accessible.  If you are a store that also sells products online, make your products, pricing, and shipping policies easily accessible.  Keep it simple and true to your brand, but make it easy to access on the small screen.

There are some basics to remember when creating a mobile website:

  1. Use a single column layout for your mobile website.
  2. Minimize loading time so that users on slower networks can use your website.
  3. Navigation should be simple and minimize “clicking”.
  4. Simplify web pages and keep copy and image sizes to a minimum.
  5. Avoid using special effects such as “hover” or pop-ups.
  6. Keep the website “thumb friendly” – taking in to account limits of 10 keys on a phone or touch screen technology.
  7. Add links to your social media sites.

So you already HAVE a mobile website, but how can you be sure how effective it is for someone new to your product or service?  Aside from asking new users, which can prove time consuming and non-scientific, there’s a new (ok, it came out in November of 2011) site from Google – GOMO, or  GOMO lets you view your website as a mobile user sees it and gives you the option to download a free customized report with suggestions for improving your mobile website’s functionality and accessibility.  GOMO also helps you build your own mobile website or find a developer that can create mobile website greatness for you.

Another great way to give repeat to customers quick access to your mobile website is to create an icon that allows customers to click on the icon, then it adds the icon to their mobile device, creating a shortcut to your website.  This is a great way to keep your business at their fingertips!

Just a few small tweaks to your mobile website, or eliminating unnecessary material can make a big difference in accessing your site.  Having the right content that’s quick and easy to access can greatly increase your business and your bottom line.  For more information click on the links below, or call us at holland advertising : interactive.  We’re here to grow your business.


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