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Measure Your Marketing Efforts With A Digital Dashboard!

Want To Measure Your Marketing Efforts? Get Behind the Wheel of Digital Dashboard! One of the best trends in digital advertising is still an unknown for many businesses – the digital dashboard. What is it? It’s an easy-to-use central place where you can see, sometimes in real time, the effectiveness of all your marketing and media efforts. A dashboard collects information about all your website and social media presence stats, and can tell you how well your company is trending and how to more effectively spend your marketing dollars. It can help you track your digital campaigns from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, and Email Marketing Websites (ListRocket or Constant Contact). You can also track your traditional media – television, outdoor and radio – using media-specific phone numbers and landing pages. A digital dashboard gives you a snapshot of the effectiveness of each media channel. It shows important analytics such as the number of clickthroughs on an internet marketing campaign, conversions, calls to unique phone numbers, visit to your website or facebook page – anything needed to give you a complete view of all your marketing efforts. A digital dashboard gives you the ability to:

      • Gain total visibility of all media channels performance
      • Generate detailed reports
      • Make informed decisions about marketing dollars
    • Track social media trends as they relate to paid advertising

To get started, it’s important to have a goal and develop a strategy. A good strategy will help you decide which media channels to feed into the dashboard and what information will help. With all the available data from the Google Analytics you can become overrun with information – with a good digital dashboard less really is more. Here are some important factors to remember when you implement a digital dashboard for your marketing efforts:

      1. Your dashboard is only as effective as the person maintaining it. Be sure the person tracking your efforts checks in frequently, and is able to effectively navigate every feature and interpret all the statistics.
      2. Once you devise a goal for your dashboard, create a strategy and stick to it! Make sure all the employees know their role and have routine meetings to discuss results.
      3. When the dashboard shows negative trending, give the media channel time for correction before deciding to discontinue the campaign.
    4. As with #3, when a media channel shows an impressive positive trend, resist the temptation to immediately increase your spending with that channel – it may be temporary OR effected efforts in other channels.

A digital dashboard, when implemented correctly, can end the confusion about your marketing efforts. Not sure? Here’s a great blog post that effectively pleads the case for using a digital dashboard – concrete way to track results can give an accurate snapshot of what is – and ISN’T working. Read on: Need a little help navigating in the digital world? Let the experts at Holland Advertising: Interactive help you achieve your marketing goals with our Fresh Ideas & Experienced Execution we’ll bring you a Greater ROI. Call Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001 or 877.865.0977 or visit

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