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Jump start your efforts with a social media marketing audit

So, a while back, your friends told you the next big thing was social media. You jumped on the bandwagon and got a Facebook page, and maybe a Twitter account. A few of your employees set up profiles on Linkedin. After a while, you began thinking, “this is fun, but how this is helping my business?”

Perhaps a social media audit is in order to help you focus your effort where it can make a difference.

Audit is a scary word. But this one isn’t scary. Well, unless you find something negative about your company that you didn’t know was out there in the social sphere. But if there is, and you find it, then that’s a good thing. Because once you know, you can go about working to remedy it.

This kind of audit is primarily an opportunity to examine your brand in the social media space. At the end of the exercise, you will be able to make more informed decisions about your social media activities. It’s the first step toward prioritizing your efforts, which will allow you to construct a deliberate social media strategy that is purposeful.

Take your company’s social media pulse. Study and document what you and your staff have done so far with social media so that you have a baseline to measure future improvements and successes. Take a look around to see what people are saying about your brand on the social channels. How are your social accounts positioned in relation to your website presence? Are they connected? Are you getting any traffic from any of the social media channels to date?
If so, what kind of content seems to be resonating with your audience?

How do you stack up against your competition? This is your chance to do a little reconnaissance. Have they figured out a trick you haven’t on YouTube? Are they in the dark about Twitter as much as you are? Is there an opportunity they are missing on Linkedin or Facebook that you can seize?

Which channels should you be using anyway? While there is some overlap, each channel has its own unique value proposition. Depending on what your objectives are, you may discover that you should spend more energy on one channel, and less on another.

What about your customers? Where in the social media space do they like to spend their time? And more importantly, where do they want to interact with your company? The answer may surprise you if you take the time to ask, or just go and look for yourself. It may not be in the place you originally thought. Depending on your business, you may be surprised to discover that your customers are waiting for you to step it up on Linkedin, but they aren’t interested in “liking” you on Facebook. People use the various channels for different reasons. You may find that you need to expand your presence across multiple channels to reach more of your audience where they prefer to connect.

A good audit will assess needs, allowing you to set realistic, tangible goals. It will establish baselines so you can begin to measure your ROI. You’ll uncover competitive insights, and come away from it better positioned to make strategic choices about how social media fits into your overall marketing plan.

Holland Advertising : Interactive provides clients with professional social media audit services. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist with a social media audit for your company, please contact Bryan Holland at 513-744-3001.

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