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Are You Happy With Your Website’s Google Rankings?
If Your Answer is No, Then You Need To OPTIMIZE!

With a shiny new website, it’s easy to think, “If we build it, they will come.” Not true. In fact, unless a customer knows your EXACT web address, without optimization chances are they won’t find you at all. Everyone has heard the terms keywords and optimization, but after years of interaction with clients (old and new) we find that many have little idea about the benefits of SEO.

What IS SEO?

SEO is a process in which we take your website and by using keywords within the copy and meta tags, alt tags and page titles, (found in the HTML source codes of the site) help increase your rankings in search engine (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) results. The higher the ranking, the more likely it is that your potential customers will find you when they search for the terms within your site.

For example, if your company sells fiberglass dog kennels, chances are a potential customer would search for dog kennels, or more specifically, fiberglass dog kennels. If your site has an optimized dog kennel page, or better yet, fiberglass dog kennel page, then chances are they’ll find you!

SEO can also help people find you if they AREN’T necessarily searching for your exact product. If a web surfer is looking for stainless steel kennels and you only manufacture fiberglass kennels, a stainless steel dog kennel page would be advantageous. Your keyword-optimized copy can discuss the superior performance of your fiberglass kennels to “other” manufacturers stainless steel kennels, bringing THEIR potential customers to YOU. Either way – you win!

How do we know if SEO is effective?

We provide a monthly report showing the ranking for every keyword in your site and the URL positions for the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), and the changes in search engine ranking over the last month. The report clearly shows the effectiveness of your campaign and whether or not additional changes need to be made to the copy or HTML codes.

Is there MORE to SEO than just keywords, meta tags, alt tags and page titles?

YES. Keywords, meta tags, alt tags and page titles are a great start, but they’re just the beginning. When it comes to improving your rankings, fresh content is king. What do you do best? What is your newest innovation? What does a potential customer stand to gain from doing business with you over a competitor? What’s your unique selling proposition? How will you improve the lives or businesses of your clients? ALL of these things are important, and Holland Advertising : Interactive will create content that will help you rise in the rankings, and keep you there, delivering maximum ROI.

Aside from higher rankings, what are the benefits of SEO?

SEO IS FOREVER. Once you optimize your site, launch it on the internet, and your rankings rise, it’s easy to maintain by adding fresh content and updates. Just as it’s less expensive to keep a customer than gain a new one, it’s cheaper to maintain your rank than achieve it. Free, targeted traffic is the reward – and it increases exponentially with return customers, referrals and increased frequency of visits to your site.

SEO is a lower cost option than other forms of advertising, and the results are easily tracked. Also, customers searching for a specific item will be exposed to more than just the one product they are searching for. They will get to know your company through all the content on your site, your expertise in your field and your brand. The results can be priceless!

Holland Advertising : Interactive has been creating websites since businesses started to harness the power of the internet as an invaluable marketing tool. As SEO became an integral part of web design, we’ve been helping our customers increase their search engine ranking and grow their business in ways they never thought possible.

We can do it for you, to. Find out more. Call Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001 or email him at

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