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How Does YOUR B2B Marketing Email Look on a Mobile Device?

If They Aren’t Easy to Read, They May Be Deleted!

As we ring in the New Year, there’s one fact that is undeniable – mobile is here to stay! Over 50% of all email is opened on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and 91% percent of all mobile activity is related. These two facts are having an impact on the way companies are communicating with consumers – especially where business to business marketing is concerned.

So is YOUR Company’s B2B marketing email mobile friendly?

Depending on what source you cite, more 60% of business to business marketing email is opened on a mobile device. Your email needs to be mobile friendly FIRST, especially when you consider that Android browsers don’t automatically adjust the sizing of email to fit to mobile devices. Android comprises over 75% of the global mobile market, so unless your readers are determined to read your email, they may delete it and never receive your message and call to action.

What does a mobile-friendly email look like?

A mobile-friendly business to business marketing email requires minimal scrolling to read. The right subject line and headline should reveal the source coupled with a compelling reason to open the email. If you’re opening B2B marketing email on an a device with an iOS (iphone, itouch, ipad) you probably have no problem reading the content, scrolling through the email, viewing the coupon or offer (if applicable) and clicking through to the sender’s mobile-friendly website. If you’re reading a business to business marketing email on an Android device, chances are you have to scroll side to side to view the graphics and the text may or may not be converted to an easy-to-read column.

What are the important features of an effective B2B marketing email?

  • Minimal graphics and interesting photos. Of course you want the email to be eye-catching, but on a mobile device ease of reading trumps eye-catching. You should have your logo and simple design elements and photos, but engaging someone quickly with an offer and/or call to action is more likely to convert.
  • Link to mobile-friendly page on your website. Get them to your site, where they can further experience your brand, products or special offers. You’ll keep them there if your site is easy to navigate on their device. If there’s an offer to redeem, then they should not have to click any further to redeem it!
  • Click to call. Your mobile website should have this, and so should your business to business marketing email. If they are viewing your email on a smartphone this makes it easy for them to act on the offer immediately.
  • Interesting subject line. “If you send it they will open” is NOT true! Email users need a reason to open your business to business marketing email and find out more.
  • Engaging text. Your business to business marketing email should be interesting, that’s fairly obvious, but what also needs to be compelling is the preheader, or snippet text. It’s the first few lines of copy visible in a reader’s inbox. Far too often this is overlooked and what could have been a one-two punch that encourages an open is lost.

Here are some additional reasons to format your B2B marketing email for mobile.

Opt-ins – Prospects and customers are more likely to want to hear more from you if they are delivered business to business marketing messages that are easy to read and navigate.

Location sharing – When a user agrees to share their location it enables you to create more relevant content for the next email. Plus, it never hurts to get geographical analytics about your interested prospects and customers.

Increased open rates – This is a no-brainer. If your email has relevant content formatted in a way that makes it easy to view on a mobile device then your open rates, and conversions, should increase.

Before you send your next B2B marketing email, test it to see what it looks like on your device. Many email marketing sites have a feature that not only checks your email for potential spam issues, but can check them across various email servers and test them for readability and responsiveness.

Are you ready to take your business to business marketing email to the next level and make it irresistible to mobile users?

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