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Eyes On Impressions give a new perspective to Out of Home media.

The TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau) has a new way of measuring OOH (Out of Home Ratings). It’s called Eyes On Impressions (EOI). EOI replaces Daily Effective Circulation (DEC) as the industry’s measurement currency. DEC’s (the old form of measurement) only calculated traffic counts with no ability to measure demographics, audience, in-market or out-of market travelers, travel patterns, and the position of the display. The benefit of EOI is that it provides demographic information similar to other media, enabling media planners and buyers to plan Outdoor based on the EOI value.

EOI takes into consideration not the number of vehicles that pass the display, but the people that are actually noticing. The seller can sell based on targeted demographic impressions as with other forms of traditional media. For the media buyer, this allows them to compare their target audience delivery as they do with traditional media such as television and radio.

To rate the OOH display, the TAB uses multiple factors such as:

• Display Size
• Side of Road
• Angle to the Road
• Display Distance From the Road
• Display Format
• Type of Road

EOI is a more accurate measurement of eye contact with the display, or eyes that are actually noticing the display. It does NOT measure the viewer’s engagement with the ad, and not unlike other traditional forms of media cannot measure whether or not the intended audience received the message. What it DOES do it give a better picture of the type of audience likely to view the ad.

The complete transition to EOI will take time, as with other changes to new measurement systems. Industry-wide training and a full understanding of the methodology will take time, but in the end a clearer, more focused picture of OOH rating will be in place. This new perspective has the potential to revolutionize the industry, and make placement and pricing of media easier, and more effective.

If you have questions about EOI and how it can have an impact on YOUR media placement, call Lisa Nicholas, Media Director at Holland Advertising : Interactive at 513.744.3002.

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