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Effective Immediately! Facebook Relaxes Rules For Hosting Contests.

Facebook announced some big news yesterday that will make it easier for you to leverage Facebook to grow your business. They have amended their Terms of Service regarding hosting of contests and giveaway promotions on your facebook company fan pages.

Previously, there were a lot of rules and red tape involved with running a contest legally on your facebook page – namely the requirement of facilitating it through a 3rd party application pre-approved by Facebook for that purpose.

This discouraged many businesses from using this tactic and many of those who tried were not following the rules, “winging it” and executing it outside the guidelines…. at the risk of being shut down by Facebook.

Most of the barriers have been lifted as of yesterday! With only a few easy-to-follow rules, you can now easily leverage your creativity to host giveaways, contests, and other promotions directly on your facebook page.

From a Facebook spokesperson via
“This capability makes it even easier for smaller businesses to help build awareness for a new product, promote the opening of a new location, sell inventory, or advance other business objectives. Say, for instance, a local pizza parlor wants to give away free pizza for a month to the 100th person to like its post. Now the business can do this right on its page (and increase awareness of the post via promoted posts) without needing to work with a third-party to build an app.”

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