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Drive Visitors to Your Site and Keep Them There – With Effective Web Videos.

If you’re looking to create awareness of your site, engage potential customers, generate leads, and inform clients – video does all that and more.  The problem is most companies aren’t using video effectively.  We’ve all visited sites with low resolution, long-winded videos that focus on the history of the company and a long list of products, but there are plenty of sites that leverage video effectively. The key is having videos that showcase the benefit of doing business with your company, and how your solutions and products will improve their lives or businesses.  To use videos on your website effectively, you need to pay close attention to three important things:

  • Quality & Content
  • Optimization
  • Tracking & Analytics

Ok, that’s 5, but only 3 categories and once you embrace them, you’ll see a much bigger ROI on your site.

We’ll address #1 first – Quality and Content. To get your videos ready to be added to your site there are a few tips you need to remember:

      1. Shorter really is better.
      2. It’s important that your videos are high quality with appropriate content, but don’t spend a fortune.
      3. If your videos include demonstrations of your products, be sure to have just one product per video. If they are instructional, break them down into steps to keep them short.
      4. If you are selling products, keep your videos benefits-driven, instead of including a laundry list of features. This will help you connect with potential customers more effectively.
      5. Keep intros to a minimum and music at the same level as the rest of the video.
      6. Put logos and contact information in the letterbox and at the end of the video.
      7. This may be obvious, but it needs to be mentioned – be sure your videos are topical and only reflect positively on your company, employees, service, and products.

The above list is just the start – now is the time to put your web designer to work getting the videos placed on your site. Once you have perfected your videos, it’s important that you optimize them on your site.

      1. Use unique URLs for each video.
      2. Feature your videos prominently on your site – don’t make customers dig to find them.
      3. Have a preview shot that is both inviting and relevant to the content.
      4. Encode video files with metadata including keywords, titles, dates and authors.
      5. Use keywords, including the word “video” in the filename.
      6. Optimize the page following general SEO principles.
      7. Use embedded players rather than links or pop-ups.
      8. Create navigation links to the video content.
      9. Enable comments.
      10. Include social bookmarking tools, so they can be shared easily.

Now that you have your videos loaded and optimized, you COULD stop there, but WHY? Unless you track what happens on your site and analyze the results, you’ll never know how effective they are. With analytics you’ll know how long someone stays on your site, whether or not your site converts potential customers into revenue, and what videos are the most effective. This information can be invaluable source of information about the effectiveness of their content, including whether or not people watched the entire video, hit replay to view it again, or forwarded it on to others.

Important information can be captured from your video player, and many video analytic providers create easy-to-read displays that show key metrics, such as embedding and emailing (viral sharing), unique or repeat searches, or the most important of all – play rates – the percentage of player loads where the user actually views the video. Another important metric that is intricately related to the views is load time. If it takes too long to load, you’ll find that interest is quickly lost and the result could be someone exiting your site altogether.

Your website is out there to engage and inform, increase awareness, and convert interest into sales. The appropriate use of video can ensure that people stay on your site, and remember your products and service. For help optimizing the use of videos on your site, talk to Holland, we can help. Call Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001 or visit

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