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DON’T Use Facebook to Advertise. Your Competition will LOVE You!

November 7th, 2012 | Author: CatTurner

So you have a fabulous Facebook page. And dedicated fans. And snarky, relevant posts. And links to engaging content. And your fans ask questions and contribute to your page in a way that encourages OTHER fans to contribute. It’s all good. OR is it?

If your not using Facebook to advertise, you MAY be missing out on the opportunity to do what you do best. Sell your product or service.

We all know the power of Facebook, and the influence your page can have as a driving force to your website or brick and mortar store. What you may be missing is an opportunity to advertise to your fan base and encourage repeat sales. You can also get new sales from FRIENDS of fans – which will encourage those friends of fans to become fans. According to Facebook, customers who “like” your page spend an average of 2 times more than customers that aren’t tapped in to your Facebook page. So go forth, encourage liking and ADVERTISE to your fans – the results could be amazing!

Here is a brief overview of how it works:

      1. Set up your ad. Your ad can be targeted to get more likes OR promote a page post. Be sure to have a concise headline that IMMEDIATELY communicates the benefit of liking your page or taking advantage of the offer.
      2. Select your audience. You know your audience, Facebook allows you to select the location, age, and gender you want to target and can quickly show you how many people on Facebook meet that criteria. This is your audience, and depending on your budget you may be able to reach many of them.
      3. Set your budget. Facebook allows you to set your budget and doesn’t go over. In most case you pay per impression and Facebook optimizes your ad to make sure that it goes to the right eyes when they login to their account.

Once your ad is up and delivering your message you will need to monitor your campaign to be sure that your ad is resonating with your audience. You are able to run different versions of the same message, so be sure to give them each a distinct name, that way you can monitor which one is the most effective. This will help with subsequent campaigns and can help keep you from wasting valuable ad dollars. Facebook has a handy “Ads Manager” that tells you how your campaign is doing and which ads are the most effective (hint: they’re the ones that get the most clicks).

Like Google’s AdWords, you are bidding on keywords and are competing to get your ads shown. There are two ways to pay for the ads – per thousand or per click, either way is trackable and if you have highly competitive keywords you may want to pay per click, which is the most popular choice for advertisers.

Keep in mind that there is a slight learning curve with this technology – no matter how familiar you are with it. Any change to demographics, imagery, etc. is going to change your results. With close monitoring you can get the maximum bang for your buck.

If you’re on the fence about Facebook, give it a try…you might find it’s a great way to connect with fans and generate new sales. If you need help with your ads, call the experts at Holland. We can help you launch a campaign with eye-catching and thought-provoking ads that maximize your click through.

For more information, and a little help decoding some of the Facebook speak visit:

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