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Don’t hire an ad agency

Unless you’re looking for fresh ideas and a greater ROI on your marketing investment!

Are you successfully differentiating your brand in the marketplace?

Are you achieving the sales results you want?

Are you embracing the latest in technology and fresh marketing strategies to build your business?

If your answer isn’t yes to the above 3 questions you are not getting a satisfactory return on your marketing investment and need to invest in the Marketing Business Builder TM from Holland Advertising: Interactive, an advertising agency in Cincinnati. The Marketing Business Builder is the magnifying glass to find hidden profits, reach new customers, find new sales opportunities and grow a company’s business. Respond to in-depth questions about your company’s history and goals – these answers will be the catalyst for the Holland team to develop a customized marketing program with no more money than your company is currently investing. The Marketing Business Builder is more than a revenue generator for companies – it is known as “the wake up call” for business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Dr. Scott Sayre from Advance Dentistry, owner of one of the largest dental practices in the country, was handling his advertising in house and decided to implement the marketing strategy recommended by Holland, an advertising agency in Cincinnati. An agreed upon goal of 120 new patients per month needed to be achieved without investing any more money than he was currently spending doing it himself. The first month Holland helped him acquire 166 patients – a 38% increase. “We are now averaging 250 new patients per month,” said Dr. Scott Sayre.

The Holland team re-branded the dental practice and developed a more compelling creative message for television, radio, print and the existing web site. After analyzing the media buy, Holland reallocated his media investment, with a plan reaching his target demographic with a significantly greater reach and frequency. An innovative digital dashboard was set up to track and record each incoming phone call from every media channel. This enabled Dr. Sayre and Holland to monitor and track the effectiveness of the media campaign.

The Marketing Business Builder™, developed by Holland, an advertising agency in Cincinnati has helped Dr. Sayre and many other Holland clients achieve their sales goals while working within their marketing budget.

Visit for more information about Holland Advertising: Interactive, an advertising agency in Cincinnati. To learn more about the Marketing Business Builder™, call Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001. Put us to work and you’ll see a greater ROI on your marketing dollars from an advertising agency in Cincinnati.

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