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Do you have a Google+ page for your business? If your answer is NO, you need to get one, today!

You may think that your social media and web presence is “fine” and that you don’t need any more social media icons on your website, but Google+ is catching on. Create a Google+ business profile and see where it takes your web presence. Chances are over the next few months you’ll notice an increase in traffic to your page.

Right now, any SEO expert will tell you to get in on the trend, before your competitors establish their Google+ presence. Since the trend is new, there are a few benefits to setting up your page and inviting customers and potential customers to interact with your brand. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is dominated by info that is uncluttered by ads and non-relevant information. The information is professional and customer-focused, plus it allows for more direct contact with customers via text and video.

Google+ allows users to set up separate circles for professional contacts, friends, family, social groups, or whatever they can imagine. This allows for privacy and professionalism, plus YOU control your online image, not people posting to your page. Chatting is simplified because you can exclude anyone you don’t wish to chat with and if you want to set up a group conversation you can use Google+ Huddle. This allows you to have a group conversation without interruption from unwanted participants.

One of the most exciting features of Google+ is the ability to track data, almost in real time. You can track the origin of a share about your page – your identity influencers – and view how it cascades across the web. Tracking the influence of social media is easy with Google+, and you can see how your brand is fairing across the web. The fun part of Google+ is tracking all this data and seeing how just one share or blog post can affect your web presence.

All features aside, the most glaringly obvious benefit of a Google+ page is that Google owns search. Having a Google + page will increase your digital marketing efforts and put you in position for any additional changes Google may make in the future as it ramps up its social media. More and more marketers are building a Google+ page into every campaign, and it may be just a short time before it eclipses other forms of social media.

It’s easy to get started, and Google wants it that way. In fact, if you have any web presence like Facebook, they may have already created a page for you! Don’t leave it up to them…your business is just an algorithm to them! They may know your web ranking but do they know your…

official web address
product line

…or any other element that defines your business or USP (unique selling proposition). Check out some of the other pages out there and visit Google’s Google+ for Business page here:

Remember, like any social media outlet, your Google+ page needs to be updated and maintained to be of value to your marketing efforts. You should also have direct link to your website and blog, which should also be in top form to attract and inform customers. If you aren’t maximizing your web presence here are 10 reason Holland thinks you SHOULD: .

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