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Digital Billboards – Changing the Landscape of Advertising!

Over the last decade, the landscape around our roads has been changing, particularly around major commuter routes. Traditional billboards are giving way to digital billboards, making outdoor advertising more interactive and flexible. Digital billboards typically rotate 6 to 8 messages per playlist, and can be scheduled to change throughout the day or hour based on traffic patterns and time of day. Digital billboards are also more visible than traditional static billboards; the display is brighter and the motion can be more eye-catching.

For Outdoor billboard companies, this gives an opportunity for additional revenue by increasing the number of clients they can serve on a single billboard. For advertisers, it makes Outdoor a more exciting, dynamic way to engage prospects. By understanding your prospects you can greatly increase brand awareness, generate new customers and see a nearly immediate increase in response to offers.

For example, a grocery store known for it’s delicious prepared food options would be wise to schedule afternoon drive time to capture the attention of work-weary travelers that haven’t even planned dinner. A restaurant known for great wings and suds would be wise to advertise on the route before and after the local NFL team’s home game. With digital billboards it’s possible to change your message frequently to stay in sync with current events, too. A dry cleaner that also offers rug cleaning and restoration can act quickly in the event of inclement weather to advertise its restoration services.

For radio stations, a major advantage of using digital billboards is that they can communicate up-to-the minute programming announcements, such as in-studio guests, current hits, or what’s coming up on tomorrow’s morning show. This can mean a real-time increase in listeners, especially during drive time, and greatly increase loyal fans. For television, it means advertising an exciting new plot twist to attract viewers to tonight’s hit show, highlight local televised sporting events, spotlight current events, and advertise new programming. Overall, digital billboards can be an incredibly effective way to increase audience share.

For sports teams the sky’s the limit! Aside from advertising upcoming games and selling tickets, the team can announce recent wins, single out a player for accolades, and announce special promotions or fan appreciation days. Drive time AFTER a winning game is a great opportunity to thank fans or team up with a local business to offer short-term specials valid only with a ticket stub!

Digital billboards can generate business for you, too! Connect with customers and prospects in real time while they’re captive in their cars and reap the benefits. The possibilities are endless.

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