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Does Your Internet Marketing Strategy Make the Most of Your Remarketing Campaign?

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2015 can be the year your remarketing campaign takes your business to the next level. A few tweaks to your internet marketing strategy and you may find the buzz on the internet is about YOU! If your internet marketing strategy doesn’t include remarketing it should!

There are many benefits to adding remarketing to your internet marketing strategy.

1. Remarketing turns bounced visitors (surfers who enter your website and leave without viewing additional pages) into leads. You can then retarget them with a more specific message.
2. Remarketing increases brand recognition. Even if a user doesn’t click through your ad, they see it and are reminded about your brand.
3. Remarketing encourages repeat visits. By clicking through, users return to your site for a second look. Repeat visits to your site increases the likelihood of conversions.
4. Remarketed ads lead to more conversions than standard display ads. Adding remarketing to your internet marketing strategy can be a more effective use of your marketing dollars.

If you remarket to them, they will come!

Remarketing can make your site irresistible to someone who is already in the sales funnel and aware of your brand. If they are ready to buy, they may just need a little push to convert.

To make the most of your internet marketing efforts, the message you send to returning visitors should be a new message. Google AdWords will track returning visitors, making it even easier to create a message to someone who has already visited your site. You can uses advanced segmentation to create some focused ads based on:

The time spent on your site
Whether or not they placed items in a shopping cart
How many (and which) pages they visited
How frequent and focused are their visits

When you DO get them back, they need to come to a landing page that includes fresh content and a compelling offer. You can remarket directly to consumers based on what’s in their cart or a page that they read on your site. As part of your internet marketing strategy, you can segment your lists and create offers that target them directly, and then track conversions.

Your internet marketing strategy should also include social media.

Google AdWords reach is the holy grail for remarketing, but don’t overlook the power of the share or reaching someone when they are in “social” mode. Chances are they are already relaxed and just checking in with their network, and this can be a great time to reach them. It also encourages further interacting with your brand’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube page, etc., at a time when they are likely to convert.

Adding remarketing to your internet marketing strategy can be surprisingly inexpensive.

You can set a budget with a limit and set a very limited target, so you reach only the most likely to convert – maximizing your internet marketing dollars. You aren’t charged for the ad unless someone clicks through, on YouTube, if someone hits “skip ad”, there is also no fee. In essence, your remarketed ad can sit on a page and be seen without any charge. This helps with branding, but also allows you to really know who is interested in ready to convert. When your internet marketing strategy includes remarketing, you can advertise to leads that are already in the funnel. The information you gather can be priceless!

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