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Social Media is a GREAT Way To Effectively Communicate Your Brand!

Are you engaging customers with your Facebook page? Do you Tweet about offers, sales and new products? Are you LinkedIn to others within your industry and reaching out to potential customers?

How effective are you at communicating your brand? If your interaction with your customers is merely offer-based, you may be missing out on the opportunity to engage and retain your customers by driving them to your website. Focusing on reach and awareness instead of offer redemption will engage more prospects that aren’t in the funnel, and encourage them to buy from you when they are ready.

Creating compelling ads that encourage prospects to interact with you and follow or “like” your brand increases awareness of your company and keeps you “top of mind”. Leveraging your content for social sharing will increase the likelihood of gaining followers and reinforces your position as the go-to company for your product or service. Attentive monitoring of what is being said about your brand is also important. Creating a dialogue with social media users includes consistently relevant comments that apply to current events or consumer trends. Relevant content is more likely to be shared – driving more users to your website.

Abandoning offers and incentives completely isn’t wise either, but the offer should be compelling enough to catch the eye of a prospect. For example, if you sell closet organization systems, offering “50% Off All Hangers” is not that eye-catching. A headline that connects with your brand, such as “End Closet Clutter, FOREVER – With 50% Off!” will get the attention of more people than just those in need of a few extra hangers. Running a contest is also a great fan and follower generator. If your company is in the pet industry, a contest to win free dog food for one year WILL get shared, liked and/or tweeted – potentially putting your brand in front of thousands of users. Read More

You Need Social Media!

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Social media is used by business throughout the globe to further their relationships with customers, increase awareness of their products, mission and brand, and increase sales. But what about YOUR business? Have you considered social media, but think it really doesn’t apply to your business sector? You may be wrong! With a strategic vision for what you hope to accomplish, social media offers the unique opportunity for smaller companies to level the playing field like never before. While some business owners may be skeptical of the effectiveness of social media, others have realized legitimate returns through greater brand awareness, increased web traffic, enhanced customer service, better relationships, and higher sales.

Holland Advertising : Interactive Partner, Mark Holland, offers his top 10 reasons why your business should utilize social media and all it has to offer.

    1. Social media can be cost-effective, with a focused plan. Yes, memberships to social networks are free, but time is not, and neither is developing a winning strategy on how to make them work for your business. A significant time investment for strategic planning up front will equal big wins down the road and ensure that you’re constantly on track to meet your goals.

    2. Your customers are always connected. More people communicate with friends via social networks more than with personal email. Social media sites account for more than one out of every 4 minutes spent online. This boom in online activity has caused a huge shift in the way companies attract and interact with their customers.

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Want to connect with your customers? Blog!

November 5th, 2013 | Author: CatTurner

If you’re looking to enhance your marketing efforts, consider blogging. Blogging is an easy way to drive traffic to your site via search engines, share valuable info with potential customers and show your talents as the expert that you are!

Blogging is inexpensive and easy. Blogger or WordPress are great blogging websites that are easy to use, and they give tutorials to help you get started. Setting it up is the easy part – the writing part is where things can get a little complicated. Here are 9 quick tips to remember when you start your business blog.

1. Create a plan – then follow that plan.

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Do you want to drive more business to your website, increase your local presence, or expand to a national audience? Do you want to share your expertise with others, increase awareness of your brand and generate business leads? If you’re blogging for your business, focus your efforts so that your message is clear and keep your posts focused on your goals.

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Effective Immediately! Facebook Relaxes Rules For Hosting Contests.

Facebook announced some big news yesterday that will make it easier for you to leverage Facebook to grow your business. They have amended their Terms of Service regarding hosting of contests and giveaway promotions on your facebook company fan pages.

Previously, there were a lot of rules and red tape involved with running a contest legally on your facebook page – namely the requirement of facilitating it through a 3rd party application pre-approved by Facebook for that purpose.

This discouraged many businesses from using this tactic and many of those who tried were not following the rules, “winging it” and executing it outside the guidelines…. at the risk of being shut down by Facebook.

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Do you have a Google+ page for your business? If your answer is NO, you need to get one, today!

You may think that your social media and web presence is “fine” and that you don’t need any more social media icons on your website, but Google+ is catching on. Create a Google+ business profile and see where it takes your web presence. Chances are over the next few months you’ll notice an increase in traffic to your page.

Right now, any SEO expert will tell you to get in on the trend, before your competitors establish their Google+ presence. Since the trend is new, there are a few benefits to setting up your page and inviting customers and potential customers to interact with your brand. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is dominated by info that is uncluttered by ads and non-relevant information. The information is professional and customer-focused, plus it allows for more direct contact with customers via text and video.

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