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7 Biggest Mistakes in Healthcare Marketing

Get a Healthier Return on Your Healthcare Marketing Investment

Having a strategic marketing plan isn’t just for the business sector. Potential patients have many choices about medical care, and a common mistake medical and dental care providers make is not having a solid marketing plan. At Holland Advertising : Interactive, a healthcare marketing agency in Cincinnati, we see the same mistakes repeated by our clients – which is why they’ve come to us for help. Here they are.

1. Not using social media. If you think healthcare DOESN’T translate well to social media, think again! It ‘s a great forum to put a personal touch in your practice. Showing the latest technological addition to your office is great, and so is a patient of the week or month, success story, or newest addition to your staff. Remember to keep a balance; personalized posts juxtaposed with the latest tips and trends will give keep people interested. Remember to maintain your pages – unlike your website, people can leave comments that can be viewed by everyone. If you do receive negative comments you are NOT required to leave them up. Feel free to remove them and block any negative content, but FIRST address any problems with the patient who posted them.

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