08 Mar 2016

Direct Mail is Not Dead.
Here’s Why (and How to Make it Work For You).

08 Mar 2016

With the rise of digital capabilities, it’s difficult to determine the role that traditional forms of advertising will play in a company’s B2B marketing plan.  You hear many digital “experts” preach regularly about how traditional forms of advertising are quickly dying out and will ultimately have no place in the grander scheme of B2B marketing.  This is far from being a universal truth.

When used properly, direct mail allows a company to reach targeted prospects or existing customers, without the need for face-to-face (or telephone) interaction.  It can be done in one fell swoop, whereas individual salespeople demand an overwhelming amount of capital and time.

If you understand your target demographic and tailor your messaging and delivery to what the recipient wants to know, see, etc., then it can prove to be an integral part of any holistic B2B marketing strategy.  Thus, the focus needs to be largely on two key aspects:  that the right audience/recipients are being targeted, and that the design and delivery are appropriate for the intended audience.

The most integral part of the overall success of a direct mail campaign is ensuring that the right people are receiving your piece.  Are you targeting potential customers, or attempting to retain current business?  Do you need to purchase a list of consumers or people who meet the criteria, or have you generated your own list? Initially considering the audience will shape not only the design and offers within the piece, but also how you go about the distribution process.

With your target audience in mind, think about the best way to frame the offer and craft the overall design. Recipients are often just focused on the bottom line, and the design should not distract from those bottom-line results that your company can deliver.  If you can save a busy CEO valuable time and money based on your unique services, highlight that.  People in positions of authority respond to those kinds of numbers and statistics—ones that show how you can help their company cut costs and increase overall efficiency.

Though the aforementioned design and dispersal of the piece are vital when incorporating direct mail into a B2B marketing plan, a successful campaign can’t just stop there.  A more integrated, holistic approach needs to be taken, with focus on regular website maintenance, social media when necessary or beneficial (depending on the company’s target demographic) and being able to properly educate leads and secure sales. After all, direct mail is a mere tool used to encourage people to call, to increase website traffic, etc. From there, the company needs to be aptly equipped to seal the deal.

If your company needs help developing an integrated B2B marketing program, incorporating direct mail as part of the overall strategy, Holland Advertising: Interactive can help. By incorporating smart strategy and experienced execution, we help our clients see greater marketing ROI. For more information contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

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