Digital Marketing

At Holland, we recognize that not every business has the same needs. Using the newest digital marketing tactics isn’t always the best option for your business, but oftentimes some form of digital or Internet marketing is in fact, a great solution to the problems facing your business daily.  Connecting with your customers by using the latest digital technology and Internet marketing techniques can be a surprisingly simple and straightforward way to maximize your marketing budget and increase your business’s reach

At Holland, we have bright minds in place to incorporate digital marketing into your business’s growth plan to maximize reach, frequency and conversions. We work together to set reachable goals and even monitor your campaign to ensure you are not only meeting your goals, but getting the greatest ROI.

We hear the rumors that advanced forms of Internet marketing are quickly overshadowing traditional advertising methods. Though there is merit to this argument, it is not a universal truth.  An effort that integrates both traditional and digital marketing tools to reach your customers is often the most successful approach. At Holland, we optimize your marketing ROI with the most appropriate traditional and digital strategies specific to your business. A fresh mix of traditional media and digital marketing integrated into your marketing plan will help you best achieve your goals.

At Holland, we work to develop the best digital marketing strategy for your business, blending it into your existing marketing plan. By crafting a relevant and impactful message and presenting it through a variety of digital and traditional mediums, we help you more successfully reach your customers

Our services include:

Website Design & Development (Including Mobile Websites)
Search Engine Marketing
Content Marketing (blogs, white papers, podcasts, etc.)
Google Analytics & Other Measurement Tools
Google AdWords Campaign
Website Retargeting
IP Targeting
Digital Dashboards
Display Advertising
Mobile Marketing