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Teasdale Fenton is Living on the Air in Cincinnati

“Baby, if you’ve ever wondered, how my floors remain so clean…”

With the recent launch of the new Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning & Restoration campaign, all of us at Holland Advertising have found ourselves unable to stop humming the catchy jingle. Set to the tune of the theme song from the popular 70s/80s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, the new commercial has been a big hit with everyone who experiences it.

Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning & Restoration hired Holland as their agency in 2017. From the outset of our relationship, we talked about creating a jingle that would communicate both their carpet cleaning abilities and long-standing ties to the community. The idea came to light when Jim Olmstead, President of Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, was on a business trip. A colleague mentioned WKRP in Cincinnati when Jim mentioned where he was from, and the idea blossomed. “We wanted a jingle that spoke to our hometown roots and was readily identifiable,” says Jim. “It seems like so often when I tell people where I’m from, the show is mentioned along with the theme song. It just seemed like the perfect fit.”

Both Teasdale Fenton and Holland Advertising have strong ties to the Cincinnati community, so it was important to both companies that we sourced the voices and talent from this area. Local acapella singer, Steve Morgan of the group Straight No Chaser, was asked to be involved, and he enthusiastically embraced the idea. Steve was so excited that he wrote the initial lyrics while on tour with the group in Helsinki, Finland. His is the sole voice heard throughout the jingle, which was crafted by layering different voice tracks to create a single piece of music.

In keeping with the theme of local talent, vocal artist Nancy James was brought in to perform the voiceover for the radio spots. Listen here:

Mickey James, local entertainer and vocal artist with no familial connection to Nancy, was cast as the “singing host” for the commercials. Every aspect of the commercial, from the talent on screen to the behind-the-scenes work, was kept in the Cincinnati area.

“From the first time we heard the rough cut of the jingle, we knew we had something unique,” says Allie Honebrink, Director of Marketing & Creative Services. “And we knew we wanted to create the spots with the idea of campy humor to grab and keep attention.”

“For the visual commercial, we wanted to interject an element of fun into their messaging while communicating their expertise in full-floor cleaning and restoration services,” says Paul Frodge, President & CEO. “The jingle was perfect for grabbing viewers’ attention, and the fun visuals keep that attention until the very end.” Complete with dancing carpet technicians, a satisfied homeowner, and a singing host that pops up out of nowhere, the commercial combines humor with Teasdale Fenton’s message about their carpet cleaning abilities.

Every aspect of creating and launching the commercial was truly a group effort. Paul negotiated rights to the WKRP theme and oversaw the project, and Allie came up with the concept for and directed the TV commercial. Media Director Lisa Specht was responsible for all media placement, and Social Media Manager/Account Coordinator Kyle Mitchell developed a social campaign to support the radio jingle and TV spot. Other members of the Holland team assisted in writing press releases, sharing the commercial on social media, and offering general advice/suggestions. Without the input from each member of our company, this commercial would not have received the overwhelmingly positive reaction that it has.

In the news: Cincinnati company pays tribute to ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ with new ad
Cincinnati Business Courier: ‘WKRP’ theme song lives on in commercials for a Cincinnati company ‘WKRP’ Theme Living On The Air – In Commercials For Carpet Cleaning

4 Ways to Increase Your Small Practice’s Healthcare Marketing ROI with Minimal Investment

Healthcare-marketingSmall medical practices are constantly seeking ways to increase their reach and expand their existing healthcare marketing programs. The problem here lies in the fact that these same practices often appear to lack the appropriate resources to do so. Luckily, the growth of the digital space and opportunities both within and beyond are making it increasingly simple and affordable for even single physician practices to successfully break into the healthcare marketing realm.

If you’ve found yourself falling into this “small practice, limited resources” category, here are four simple ways to increase your healthcare marketing reach without spending a fortune.

1) Make social media your best friend.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) act as great healthcare marketing tools.  Using these various platforms, you are able to share information relating to your practice with a wide audience, including current and potential patients.  Post material that your audience wants to see—photos of your practice, helpful health information or even inspiring patient stories (with permission, of course).  Be sure to respond accordingly to all comments and inquiries, as this is one of the best ways to encourage both current and future activity and engagement.

2) Offer your expertise to local media outlets.

Media outlets are constantly on the lookout for the latest industry news, developments, health fads/tips and expert opinions on the matters at hand, so there is definitely no shortage of opportunities for a healthcare professional to demonstrate his or her knowledge in this arena.  Don’t be afraid to pitch a story idea based on a trending healthcare topic, or to jump at an opportunity to serve as an information source.  In getting media coverage, you can successfully increase your professional credibility and healthcare marketing reach, with no required investment of anything other than time.

3) Work to uphold and strengthen professional relationships.

Doctor referrals are often one of the best ways to grow a small practice, and easily the best way to gain new patients. Get to know the doctors in your area and establish yourself as a trusted, reliable expert to whom fellow medical practitioners would feel comfortable sending their patients. Patients often seek a primary care physician’s recommendation when it comes to seeing a new doctor, so this offers a great opportunity to increase the influx of new patients, while also helping you establish yourself as a respectable staple in the medical community.

4) Make yourself approachable and personable by sending welcome letters.

A simple, effective healthcare marketing tactic and great way to grow your practice with minimal investment is to send letters (or emails) to new patients, introducing yourself and explaining the goals of your practice. Keep a warm tone throughout, and encourage any patients with concerns to reach out to you or your staff.  This will help establish relationships with patients that you have not yet seen, and ultimately increase the likelihood that they will return after their initial appointment.

If your practice needs a little healthcare marketing TLC, let us help!  Holland Advertising: Interactive can help you build your brand, establishing your practice both within and beyond your given industry.  With fresh ideas and experienced execution, we are here to help deliver our clients greater marketing ROI. For more information, contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

Kick Start Your Digital Marketing
in the New Year

digital-marketingThe dawn of a New Year is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It is a time when many people choose to set personal goals, but the majority fail to realize that it doesn’t have to stop there. This time can also be a great opportunity to rethink your business goals and the digital marketing strategy set forth to accomplish these goals. So if you’re looking to reboot your marketing plan in the New Year, here are a few steps to get you started.

1. Set measurable goals.

The first step toward getting your digital marketing plan on track in the New Year is to set goals—ones that can be regularly monitored and measured. These often take the form of numerical values, primarily because numbers can be tracked.  Set sales goals, goals for increasing web traffic, etc. Setting these measurable goals will allow you to see just how close you are to achieving them, and properly evaluate how well the digital marketing tactics that you’re implementing are working along the way.

2.  Develop a plan.

After your goals are established, you will need to develop a digital marketing plan, or a calculated sequence of events to help achieve these goals.  If your website is outdated, consider revisiting its content and design, while properly incorporating SEO.  You could also establish a social media plan, or even plan for implementing advertising across various digital platforms.  Each of these methods will help increase site visits, helping you see better bottom-line results, conversions and sales from your digital marketing.

3. Track the results.

The whole point in establishing measurable goals is so that they can be (you guessed it) measured.  Monitoring the results of a digital marketing campaign allows you to see what is working, and what is not.  If have not seen an increase in sales or conversions after implementing specific aspects of your digital marketing plan, then you could consider taking a different approach. It’s largely a process of experimentation—figuring out what works for your company and what doesn’t, and modifying accordingly.

4.  Seek assistance.

Whether you feel that you have a firm grasp on digital marketing practices or not, partnering with an advertising agency that regularly works with clients in the digital space can prove to be the most effective route. Advertising agencies devote their time and energy to brand building and innovative marketing techniques, and they have the process down to a science. They have industry knowledge and know-how that can prove to be more effective and efficient for your business in the long run.

Holland Advertising: Interactive has decades of experience helping its B2B, B2C and healthcare clients reach their goals by implementing smart marketing strategy across both digital and traditional mediums. For more information about how Holland can help your business implement a digital marketing plan and see greater ROI, contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

Tips to Help Your Business Make
the Most of the Holiday Season

The Holidays are just around the corner, and with them comes an outpouring of holiday bucks from consumers all around the world.  This leaves a great opportunity for businesses of every size and industry to capitalize in even the smallest ways.  Here are a few tips to use marketing to your advantage this holiday season:

1) Send out a seasonal/holiday email to your customers and clients.  This small gesture will not only let the people that support your business know that you are thinking about them and grateful for their continued business, but will remind them to consider you for holiday gifts.  Make the email festive, fun and keep it simple.  You might also include a special offer to further encourage the customers to consider you for holiday gifts.

2) Express gratitude.  Nothing is more off-putting to loyal clients and customers than ungrateful companies with whom they regularly spend their money.  For this reason, it is important to do whatever you can to show that you are grateful for the fact that they continuously choose you as a business partner by thanking them for the partnership.  Send a special gift basket, give them a special rate for a limited time or simply send a “thank you” note as a kind gesture.  A little bit truly does go a long way.

3) Use social media to your advantage.  While many small businesses lack a strong social media following, those that do follow are loyal – and they should be treated as such.  Leverage social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram to display and promote any ongoing sales or specials that your company has. Even taking a second to post about company culture, holiday parties or any similar event could bolster support for your overall business and brand.

4) Offer special shipping options (for e-commerce sites).  Many people put a lot of their holiday shopping off until very late in the season.  This makes it vital that you offer expedited shipping options – along with standard – to accommodate such last-minute decisions.  Making standard shipping free is also an enticing gesture, and makes potential customers more likely to be actual customers.

Need help getting the most return on your marketing investment this Holiday season?  We’d love to chat! Holland Advertising: Interactive has an extensive history helping its clients more successfully reach existing and potential customers and clients, taking local businesses to new heights along the way.  For more information about how Holland can help your business better align with its audience, meet sales goals and take advantage of the holidays of present and future, contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

2 of 4 NCAA March Madness : Retail Marketing Agencies & March Madness. Be a part of the conversation.

Today’s retail customers are sharper than ever so you need a solid retail marketing campaign to get them to your store and keep them coming back. Retail marketing agencies, such as Holland Advertising: Interactive, can effectively use March Madness to stimulate conversation about a client’s brand and to generate brand awareness inexpensively in an often oversaturated market. The high level of interest and excitement from March Madness opens up new avenues to generate new leads and boost sales as well as join the conversation.

During the NCAA March Madness Tournament, a retail marketing agency has limited time to drive traffic to its client’s website, boost sales at stores, and strengthen communication with potential customers. Basketball searches spike dramatically around March Madness so coming up with keywords that relate to March Madness or basketball is a good first step. These keywords can be incorporated into whatever March Madness retail marketing campaign is being developed for their client, and can be turned into twitter hashtags. Branching out a little from just basketball, developing a campaign centered on improving one’s “game” is another way to build on the interest generated by the NCAA tournament. Be creative and think about other non-basketball marketing themes that still relate to March Madness and create interest among college basketball fans.  If there’s a local team that is in the tournament, this creates passion and presents a tremendous retail marketing opportunity. If there is no local team in the tournament, there may be a popular underdog team somewhere in the country. Consider coming up with an underdog theme that can be used in a retail marketing campaign. Underdogs generate a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and interest. Many fans, while they don’t have a local team to root for, watch March Madness because they want to see an upset.

Once the team of interest has been identified, there are a number of social media strategies that can be devised. A retail marketing agency should suggest to their clients to have some sort of contest for a free giveaway or a sale if the team wins, and social media can be used during the games to draw attention to this. A large number of March Madness fans are college students, so if a business has many students as customers or potential customers there will be opportunities here as well. Live-tweeting during games with your Twitter hashtag in the tweet is an effective way to raise awareness.

Lowe’s has had some success with March Madness. The home improvement business introduced “Super Fan Tips,” which use basketball language to tie-in with their products. Terms such as “throwing up the bricks,” “dominating in the boards”  “let’s hit the paint,” and “nail biter” were used, and they were paired with images. There are all sorts of basketball-related phrases that could be cleverly integrated into social media campaigns for businesses selling a wide range of products.

Oreo’s retail marketing campaign is another great example of a successful 2015 March Madness tie-in.  Throughout the tournament, Oreo used Twitter for frequent postings, retweets and game-time live-tweets.  Real-time live-tweets made up three-quarters of the firm’s posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google+, and Oreo was consistently creative in terms of its social media picture shares.  A retail marketing agency can help create a NCAA digital marketing strategy that will drive business to a client’s website or store by promoting themselves through March Madness.  The ability to interact with customers to grow brand awareness and create “buzz” is an invaluable asset that the NCAA has used to grow the tournament into the $11 billion dollar campaign it is today.  A retail marketing agency promoting brand conversation via a promotional campaign – in this case, March Madness -provides opportunities for brand interaction with fans, and encourages both new and repeat sales.

Using March Madness can open non-traditional doors to retail marketing agencies and create options in the digital creative side with social media. It pays for retail marketing agencies to be creative when using social media to promote a business, sale, or promotion. Focusing it around March Madness provides an opportunity to “ride on the coat tails” of an already existing, highly-popular event.

Social Media is a GREAT Way To Effectively Communicate Your Brand!

Do you Tweet about offers, sales and new products? Are you LinkedIn to others within your industry and reaching out to potential customers?

How effective are you at communicating your brand? If your interaction with your customers is merely offer-based, you may be missing out on the opportunity to engage and retain your customers by driving them to your website. Focusing on reach and awareness instead of offer redemption will engage more prospects that aren’t in the funnel, and encourage them to buy from you when they are ready.

Creating compelling ads that encourage prospects to interact with you and follow or “like” your brand increases awareness of your company and keeps you “top of mind”. Leveraging your content for social sharing will increase the likelihood of gaining followers and reinforces your position as the go-to company for your product or service. Attentive monitoring of what is being said about your brand is also important. Creating a dialogue with social media users includes consistently relevant comments that apply to current events or consumer trends. Relevant content is more likely to be shared – driving more users to your website.

Abandoning offers and incentives completely isn’t wise either, but the offer should be compelling enough to catch the eye of a prospect. For example, if you sell closet organization systems, offering “50% Off All Hangers” is not that eye-catching. A headline that connects with your brand, such as “End Closet Clutter, FOREVER – With 50% Off!” will get the attention of more people than just those in need of a few extra hangers. Running a contest is also a great fan and follower generator. If your company is in the pet industry, a contest to win free dog food for one year WILL get shared, liked and/or tweeted – potentially putting your brand in front of thousands of users.

Remember – it costs more to get a customer than to keep one. Have you heard that one? I hope so! It’s still true, YEARS after I heard it for the first time, and yet it still is a challenge for many businesses to embrace. How many offers do you see on a regular basis with disclaimers that the offer is for new customers ONLY! Think of the monthly specials from satellite or cable providers ready to give a house full of free electronics – to NEW customers only! That is a fantastic offer but every month I sit with last years’ model I feel slighted, and so will your customers if your ads only reward new customers. If you are engaging prospects with more than just offers, you’re creating brand recognition, creating interest, shares and visits to your website – as well as conversions.

Try it. The results will astound you. Even if you have a relatively small following you can generate interest quickly with the right messages and content. Once you start a campaign, monitor the analytics on your website for a clear picture of the effectiveness of your campaign.

Talk to Holland TODAY and get started on a social media campaign that spreads your brand message. We can plan a social media strategy that can generate new customers, leads, referrals, and best of all, loyal customers that love your brand. Visit or call Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

You Need Social Media!

Social media is used by business throughout the globe to further their relationships with customers, increase awareness of their products, mission and brand, and increase sales. But what about YOUR business? Have you considered social media, but think it really doesn’t apply to your business sector? You may be wrong! With a strategic vision for what you hope to accomplish, social media offers the unique opportunity for smaller companies to level the playing field like never before. While some business owners may be skeptical of the effectiveness of social media, others have realized legitimate returns through greater brand awareness, increased web traffic, enhanced customer service, better relationships, and higher sales.

Holland Advertising : Interactive Partner, Mark Holland, offers his top 10 reasons why your business should utilize social media and all it has to offer.

    1. Social media can be cost-effective, with a focused plan. Yes, memberships to social networks are free, but time is not, and neither is developing a winning strategy on how to make them work for your business. A significant time investment for strategic planning up front will equal big wins down the road and ensure that you’re constantly on track to meet your goals.

    2. Your customers are always connected. More people communicate with friends via social networks more than with personal email. Social media sites account for more than one out of every 4 minutes spent online. This boom in online activity has caused a huge shift in the way companies attract and interact with their customers.

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Want to connect with your customers? Blog!

Blogging is an easy way to drive traffic to your site via search engines, share valuable info with potential customers and show your talents as the expert that you are!

Blogging is inexpensive and easy. Blogger or WordPress are great blogging websites that are easy to use, and they give tutorials to help you get started. Setting it up is the easy part – the writing part is where things can get a little complicated. Here are 9 quick tips to remember when you start your business blog.

1. Create a plan – then follow that plan.

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Do you want to drive more business to your website, increase your local presence, or expand to a national audience? Do you want to share your expertise with others, increase awareness of your brand and generate business leads? If you’re blogging for your business, focus your efforts so that your message is clear and keep your posts focused on your goals.

2. See what’s out in the blogosphere – then find your niche.

As you start this process monitor what other bloggers in your industry are writing about, and how well their blogs are fairing on the web. It’s pretty easy to recognize successful blogs, they tend to be comment and discussion heavy, and appear on the first page or two of searches. You will also learn what NOT to do in the blogosphere, and how to differentiate your blog, company, and product or service from your competitors.

3. Plan to post regularly – but don’t overdo it!

Once you start your blog, you will find there is a rhythm to creating blog posts, but DON’T overwhelm your subscribers or email a link to your blog to everyone on your email list. Less really is more – the more you blog, the greater the chance your message will get watered down. A good plan is to start blogging two times per month, and if you have some great news or a new idea to share then strike while the iron is hot.

4. Use keyword-driven copy.

If you post twice monthly, be sure to use keywords to drive surfers to your site. You can optimize on a blog by blog basis, just be sure the keywords are the same for both your site and blog. With SEO, your copy needs to be 400-600 words long with the keyword density of 1-3% or a minimum of 5-7 times within the document.

5. Use social media to share your blog!

You’ll get more shares, likes and subscribers when you repost in Facebook and other social media sites. Put links at the TOP of your blog, so readers don’t need to scroll to the bottom to find them!

6. Link!

Include hyperlinks to articles, pages within YOUR website, or even other blogger’s articles within each post. This helps get your blog the attention of the search engines, directs readers to delve deeper into your website, and increase awareness of your blog. Be sure that the link is to RELEVANT information, not just your product page. Thoroughly read any other blog you link your blog to, including the comments. You may read a blog that sounds great, but creates a bit of controversy that isn’t well received and may have negative comments. Feel free to comment on other blogs as well and share your link in the comments, but don’t be offended if the writer deletes it – they may not follow the same blog etiquette as you!

7. Use visual elements.

It’s a fact that readers are more likely to open an article that has a visual element, and when it’s shared on social media it generates more interest than just a link. Be sure the images you use are not copyright protected.

8. Pay attention to your blog!

Encourage comments with questions within your blog and reply to comments as quickly as you can. We’ve all read blog posts that have questions in the comments that are never answered. Blogging can be a two-way discussion if managed properly and the result will be more shares and subscribers!

9. Keep it short, but content is king!

A good blog grabs the reader’s attention and leaves them with the impression that the blog contains valuable insights and information. Successful blogs have followers due to the relevant, insightful information they share with their readers, and their readers then share their content with others. Don’t just blog for the sake of blogging! Here’s a great article showcasing the top 10 business blogs – it will inspire you!

Hopefully your blog will prove successful and help you achieve your goals. Let the experts at Holland Advertising: Interactive help you get a greater ROI on your marketing investment. Call Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001 or 877.865.0977 or visit

Effective Immediately! Facebook Relaxes Rules For Hosting Contests.

They have amended their Terms of Service regarding hosting of contests and giveaway promotions on your facebook company fan pages.

Previously, there were a lot of rules and red tape involved with running a contest legally on your facebook page – namely the requirement of facilitating it through a 3rd party application pre-approved by Facebook for that purpose.

This discouraged many businesses from using this tactic and many of those who tried were not following the rules, “winging it” and executing it outside the guidelines…. at the risk of being shut down by Facebook.

Most of the barriers have been lifted as of yesterday! With only a few easy-to-follow rules, you can now easily leverage your creativity to host giveaways, contests, and other promotions directly on your facebook page.

From a Facebook spokesperson via
“This capability makes it even easier for smaller businesses to help build awareness for a new product, promote the opening of a new location, sell inventory, or advance other business objectives. Say, for instance, a local pizza parlor wants to give away free pizza for a month to the 100th person to like its post. Now the business can do this right on its page (and increase awareness of the post via promoted posts) without needing to work with a third-party to build an app.”

Would you like to test this tactic, but need help with the setup and execution? Holland Advertising : Interactive can help! We’ll use our Fresh Ideas and Experienced Execution to bring you a Greater ROI. Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001 or 877.865.0977 or email Bryan at for more information on how you can leverage Facebook to actively engage your customers and sell more products and services.

Do you have a Google+ page for your business?

You may think that your social media and web presence is “fine” and that you don’t need any more social media icons on your website, but Google+ is catching on. Create a Google+ business profile and see where it takes your web presence. Chances are over the next few months you’ll notice an increase in traffic to your page.

Right now, any SEO expert will tell you to get in on the trend, before your competitors establish their Google+ presence. Since the trend is new, there are a few benefits to setting up your page and inviting customers and potential customers to interact with your brand. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is dominated by info that is uncluttered by ads and non-relevant information. The information is professional and customer-focused, plus it allows for more direct contact with customers via text and video.

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