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Writing Good Keyword Copy

By: Megan Fridenmaker 

Is good keyword copy possible to write without sounding too repetitive? The answer is yes, even though it may seem like it’s difficult to do. With so much bad writing on the internet (not to mention the current trend of valuing subjects other than writing and reading in our school systems), finding good keyword copy seems like finding a needle in a haystack. However, with an eye for detail and enough practice, even the most difficult keywords can blend seamlessly within your paragraphs.

Bad SEO copy can make the potential customer ask whether or not anyone bothered to edit the copy before publishing it on your website. This makes you look unprofessional and could even cause the customer to click away and find another company to fill their needs. Therefore, finding someone who knows how to write good keyword copy could be the difference between new business or no business.

Since a large part of my job at Holland Advertising is writing SEO copy, I feel like I have gathered a fair amount of knowledge about good and bad writing practices. Writing good keyword copy that doesn’t sound unendingly repetitive was a difficult hurdle to overcome, but with practice I have become increasingly confident in my writing abilities. Below are my top three concepts I keep in mind when writing for SEO:

  • Treat each body of copy as the first impression a potential customer has of your business. The purpose of SEO copy is to rank organically on search engines and get people to click through to your website to learn more about your company and, hopefully, request your services. The copy you write could be the difference between the customer choosing your company or moving on to someone else, so make sure every piece is to the highest possible quality.
  • Repetitive writing is noticed by everyone. Good keyword copy does not sound like keyword copy. Let me repeat: good keyword copy does not sound like keyword copy! While there isn’t a rule stating how many times the keyword needs to be repeated per number of words/pages, I try to use it 6-8 times for every 350 words. This tactic keeps me from overusing a simple keyword or underusing a more complicated one. If you repeat it too many times, you verge on annoying the potential customer, and there’s no guarantee that your rankings will improve.
  • Don’t write for Google, write for your audience. Keep in mind that Google is not your customer, your customer is a real person with thoughts and feelings. Write in a style that your target audience will connect with and easily understand. Avoid big words and long sentences. Tip: read your piece out loud before sending it off to be edited or published. If it sounds awkward, repetitive, or doesn’t convey the right message, change it.

While there are many more tips and tricks to writing good keyword copy, these tactics have helped me write every SEO piece with relative ease. Hopefully they help give you an idea of what to do/what not to do when writing for SEO. Happy writing!

One more thing: you may have noticed by now, but I’ve written this piece like I would an SEO blog post for one of our clients. My target keyword was “good keyword copy,” which I have used eight times so far (not including the title.) If you need keyword copy or help with SEO, Holland Advertising has in-house experts to get you the results you desire. Contact Paul Frodge at to learn more.

When it Comes to Digital, Strategy, Price & Design Are What Matters

By: Eric Stock

Each day more and more businesses are turning to digital advertising as a way to reach clients. However, they often don’t know where to begin. Many clients we come across at Holland Advertising have no idea where to start when it comes to placing their digital buys. Rather than strategizing or thinking about how people interact with digital advertisements, they simply throw money behind one product and hope to begin seeing results immediately. Without strategy and design the likelihood of having a successful campaign is not high.

At the end of the day, the digital products we sell are the same that other companies sell. The ad space we purchase is the same as the ad space our competitors purchase. The attention to detail and technology as well as attention grabbing creative are what sets apart a highly successful ad from one that gets little-to-no interaction.

Some companies will boast about a high click through rate (CTR) but at the end of the day the clicks are not what matter. We would rather see site interactions and, more importantly, conversions. At Holland Advertising, we set ourselves apart by focusing on the details and overall results rather than big numbers that don’t mean a whole lot.


What sets us apart?

Pricing.  If the ad space and targeting capabilities are the same, why pay more?  Rather than placing buys through other companies, we work directly with a trading desk to run your ad campaigns. This means our markups are much lower than our competition.

Design.  We have our own in-house design team that will create your ads and can make quick changes. They are creative and have the experience to know what will stand out.

Strategy.  We will never simply throw money behind your digital idea. This is a waste of valuable time and finances that won’t consistently lead to success. Instead, we explore options based on budget and goals. We will make recommendations and develop new ideas to make sure you are hitting your audience. You’ll also never feel as though we’re out of reach – we are local and 100% in-house so someone in Cincinnati is in charge of your account.

Flexibility.  We don’t lock you into contracts or push products. If something isn’t working or needs updated, we can change a strategy or creative idea in less than 48 hours.

Accountability.  Rather than relying on CTR and the standard metrics, we will look at the backend to make sure the products are working. Before launching any campaign, we gain access to your Google Analytics, so we can show results. We utilize UTM Codes, Conversion Pixels, and Tracking Pixels to record data and develop insights into your audience.


Remember, think with facts not feelings.

The biggest thing I have heard since entering the digital marketing industry 5 years ago is “but no one said they saw my digital ad.” Too often, digital is compared to TV and radio. The fact of the matter is that you are going to reach more people with TV and radio, which is why they are great mediums for top of the funnel advertising and getting your word out. Digital is not going to get you the same reach but rather push people closer to the bottom of the funnel to make a sale. This is because digital is targeted and more strategic. Think about how you interact with digital on a daily basis. It will not be the same as the 25-year-old you are trying to reach in Blue Ash. We will help you reach your audience and track how they interact with your business digitally once they learn about you.


Maximize Your Holiday Sales with Google Shopping Campaigns

By Melissa Morrison

‘Tis the season to shop! Do you search for gifts or holiday products online? Odds are, you most likely use Google. 

As the most popular search engine in the world, it’s no surprise that Google is used for the marketing and advertising of millions of products every day. By learning how to utilize the tools that Google offers, advertisers can boost their views and searches in order to maximize the success of their ad. At Holland Advertising, we use a lot of different tools to ensure our clients are getting the maximum search engine exposure. One of the tools we use for our retail clients is Google Shopping, which allows us to create campaigns and get more traffic to their websites.

Google Shopping campaigns provide more than a simple text ad to grab readers’ attention. By creating this kind of campaign an image of the product shows up at the top or right side of search results. This image shares the title of the product, price, name of the store, and more. With society becoming increasingly visual, the customer’s eye is immediately drawn to images. By creating a Google Shopping campaign, clients get more traffic to their websites, better leads, and a broader online presence.

Kotsovos Bridal Furs and Prom is one such client who decided to use a Google Shopping campaign to boost their revenue. A long-standing client of ours, Kotsovos was previously only doing a Google Search campaign. This campaign was highly successful, so they decided to include a Google Shopping campaign as well to maximize their profits.

By incorporating a Google Shopping campaign, Kotsovos’ products are now eligible to show up as an image that grabs the customer’s attention. Once someone clicks on the ad, they’re taken directly to the product page on the website. It’s a win – win! You get to see the details of the item you searched for without having to go directly to the page itself.

For example, let’s say you want a Jovani-brand dress for prom. When you search related terms for what you want (such as Jovani, black and gold, etc.) you’ll see a lot of options pop up that use those same keywords. If you click on “Shopping” at the top of the Google page, you’ll be taken to a page with different brands all using Google Shopping campaigns. The image to the right is what you would see: an image of the product, the price, and retailer. By clicking the image, you would be taken to the retailer’s website without having to go to their home page. It’s easy, convenient, and makes your shopping experience more enjoyable!

Teasdale Fenton is Living on the Air in Cincinnati

“Baby, if you’ve ever wondered, how my floors remain so clean…”

With the recent launch of the new Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning & Restoration campaign, all of us at Holland Advertising have found ourselves unable to stop humming the catchy jingle. Set to the tune of the theme song from the popular 70s/80s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, the new commercial has been a big hit with everyone who experiences it.

Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning & Restoration hired Holland as their agency in 2017. From the outset of our relationship, we talked about creating a jingle that would communicate both their carpet cleaning abilities and long-standing ties to the community. The idea came to light when Jim Olmstead, President of Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, was on a business trip. A colleague mentioned WKRP in Cincinnati when Jim mentioned where he was from, and the idea blossomed. “We wanted a jingle that spoke to our hometown roots and was readily identifiable,” says Jim. “It seems like so often when I tell people where I’m from, the show is mentioned along with the theme song. It just seemed like the perfect fit.”

Both Teasdale Fenton and Holland Advertising have strong ties to the Cincinnati community, so it was important to both companies that we sourced the voices and talent from this area. Local acapella singer, Steve Morgan of the group Straight No Chaser, was asked to be involved, and he enthusiastically embraced the idea. Steve was so excited that he wrote the initial lyrics while on tour with the group in Helsinki, Finland. His is the sole voice heard throughout the jingle, which was crafted by layering different voice tracks to create a single piece of music.

In keeping with the theme of local talent, vocal artist Nancy James was brought in to perform the voiceover for the radio spots. Listen here:

Mickey James, local entertainer and vocal artist with no familial connection to Nancy, was cast as the “singing host” for the commercials. Every aspect of the commercial, from the talent on screen to the behind-the-scenes work, was kept in the Cincinnati area.

“From the first time we heard the rough cut of the jingle, we knew we had something unique,” says Allie Honebrink, Director of Marketing & Creative Services. “And we knew we wanted to create the spots with the idea of campy humor to grab and keep attention.”

“For the visual commercial, we wanted to interject an element of fun into their messaging while communicating their expertise in full-floor cleaning and restoration services,” says Paul Frodge, President & CEO. “The jingle was perfect for grabbing viewers’ attention, and the fun visuals keep that attention until the very end.” Complete with dancing carpet technicians, a satisfied homeowner, and a singing host that pops up out of nowhere, the commercial combines humor with Teasdale Fenton’s message about their carpet cleaning abilities.

Every aspect of creating and launching the commercial was truly a group effort. Paul negotiated rights to the WKRP theme and oversaw the project, and Allie came up with the concept for and directed the TV commercial. Media Director Lisa Specht was responsible for all media placement, and Social Media Manager/Account Coordinator Kyle Mitchell developed a social campaign to support the radio jingle and TV spot. Other members of the Holland team assisted in writing press releases, sharing the commercial on social media, and offering general advice/suggestions. Without the input from each member of our company, this commercial would not have received the overwhelmingly positive reaction that it has.

In the news: Cincinnati company pays tribute to ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ with new ad
Cincinnati Business Courier: ‘WKRP’ theme song lives on in commercials for a Cincinnati company ‘WKRP’ Theme Living On The Air – In Commercials For Carpet Cleaning

Holland Advertising is a Goering Center Family Business Award Finalist

Holland Advertising is a Finalist
for the 19th Annual Goering Center Family & Private Business Awards.

Cincinnati, Ohio, September 18, 2018 – Holland Advertising is the recipient of the 2018 Goering Center Family & Private Business Finalist Award for Family Businesses with fewer than 15 employees. This annual honor is bestowed upon only two companies and exemplifies what family business is and should be.

Holland Advertising is a full-service advertising agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio that specializes in helping small- to medium-sized businesses meet their goals through strategic marketing plans. Since our opening in 1937, we have striven to ensure that each of our clients receive fresh ideas with experienced execution. Over the past year, Paul Frodge purchased the company and has grown it from six to nine employees. Business is projected to grow by 35% by the end of the year. Our talented team of experienced employees value teamwork, creativity, success, and a strong sense of community with both each other and our clients.

President and CEO Paul Frodge: “I am very grateful to have been named a Finalist in the Family Business category of the Goering Center Family and Private Business Awards. My dedicated and creative team works hard every day to generate results for our clients, and this recognition is a tremendous honor for us all. We will continue to dedicate our time and effort to creating an environment that attracts and retains talent in the Cincinnati area.”

This annual recognition program, in its 19th year, honors Cincinnati regional businesses that exemplify the best in family and private business practices. Each year over 500 businesses apply for these awards. Holland Advertising was evaluated by an independent panel of judges who reviewed applications as they relate to their positive impact on the community.

After first being named one of 75 Semi-Finalists, Holland was then selected as one of three Finalists for family businesses with fewer than 15 employees.
Holland Advertising is one of an estimated 4,500 family and private businesses that operate in the Cincinnati region. Membership in the Goering Center is not a prerequisite for the awards or for nominations.

Left to right: John DeVore, Lisa Specht, Justin Ellison, Bryan Holland, John Goering, Megan Fridenmaker, Allie Honebrink, Paul Frodge, Michelle Frodge, Kyle Mitchell

About Holland Advertising

Holland Advertising is a full-service advertising agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio that has been in business for over 80 years, since 1937. It is our mission to deliver fresh ideas with experienced execution, creating a greater ROI for our clients. We value teamwork, strategy, accuracy, creativity, success and community. Our talented, passionate team takes pride in utilizing smart strategy to deliver nothing less than flawlessly-executed relevant, original and impactful solutions to deliver client success and improve the communities in which we live.

About the Goering Center for Family & Private Business

Established in 1989, the Goering Center for Family & Private Business has become the country’s largest university based educational resource for family and private businesses. The Center’s mission is to nurture and educate family and private businesses to drive a vibrant economy. Affiliation with the University of Cincinnati and the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business enables access to a vast resource of business programing and expertise. The Goering Center provides its membership real-world insights with the goal to enlighten, strengthen and prolong family business success. For more information on the Center, participation and membership visit

Holland Advertising is One of 75 Family and Private Businesses to be Recognized as Best in Class

Holland Advertising is a Semi-Finalist
for the 19th Annual Goering Center Family & Private Business Awards.

Cincinnati, Ohio, July 30, 2018 –Holland Advertising is excited to announce their selection as a semi-finalist for a Goering Center Family & Private Business Award.

The 2018 Goering Center Family & Private Business Award winners will be announced at the awards gala this fall at the JACK Cincinnati Casino on September 11, 2018. This annual recognition program, in its 19th year, honors Cincinnati regional businesses that exemplify the best in family and private business practices. Each year nearly 500 businesses are nominated for these awards and from those nominees, 75 semi-finalists are selected.

“I am very pleased and grateful to be nominated as a semi-finalist for the Goering Center Family and Private Business Awards,” said Paul Frodge, President and CEO of Holland Advertising.

As a semi-finalist, Holland will be further evaluated by an independent panel of judges who will be looking at the breakthroughs and accomplishments that distinguished their business – and the Cincinnati region – in 2018. “My team is very creative, strategic, and dedicated to generating the greatest ROI for our clients,” Frodge said. “We are continuing to implement programs that create a high-energy atmosphere with focus on an environment that will continue to retain and attract talent.”

Three awards will be presented in each of two divisions: family business and private business. Additionally, the 2018 Goering Center Hall of Fame winner and the Baldwin Volunteer of the Year will both be celebrated, and the Goering Center will recognize its second annual Rising Leader – one of nine emerging leaders who are shaping the future of Cincinnati businesses. The Goering Center will also pay special tribute to its founder and benefactor, John Goering.

Established in 1989, the Goering Center for Family & Private Business serves more than 400 members, making it the country’s largest university based educational non-profit for family and private businesses. The Center’s mission is to nurture and educate family and private businesses to drive a vibrant economy. Affiliation with the University of Cincinnati and the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business, provides access to a vast resource of business programing and expertise. Through this affiliation, Goering Center members receive real-world insights that enlighten, strengthen and prolong family and private business success.


About Holland Advertising

Holland Advertising is a full-service advertising agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio that has been in business for over 80 years, since 1937. It is our mission to deliver fresh ideas with experienced execution, creating a greater ROI for our clients. We value teamwork, strategy, accuracy, creativity, success and community. Our talented, passionate team takes pride in utilizing smart strategy to deliver nothing less than flawlessly-executed relevant, original and impactful solutions to deliver client success and improve the communities in which we live.

Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Develops A Brand For A Unique Boutique

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 10 of 12

Holland Advertising : Interactive has worked with Aquatic & Garden Décor since 1990. During that time, our Cincinnati advertising agency has continually developed a brand preference for their unique specialty store with a limited marketing budget and has helped build their business by 10% to 15% to even 20% each year. Our challenge, however, has always been to increase sales and grow the customer base within the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton markets.

Back in 1990, when we first met with Aquatic & Garden Décor, they were using line drawings to sell their products in newspaper ads. Knowing how colorful each product was, Holland instead suggested they focus their marketing dollars on TV advertising to truly show the diverse and beautiful product selection. In the spring of 1991, Holland produced the first TV campaign with a series of spots, which started the client’s appreciation of TV.

Another part of our solution was to develop a logo and tagline to create their Brand Identity and differentiate them from their competition. After an in-depth look into Aquatic & Garden Décor’s business and product selection, we created “The Art of Beautiful Living™” – a testament to what customers could expect when shopping at Aquatic & Garden Décor. Here is their logo with the aforementioned brand tagline:

Next, our Cincinnati advertising agency designed a sophisticated website showcasing their extensive outdoor products line up. As TV spots continued to showcase their diverse product line, Aquatic & Garden Décor online presence grew stronger, the website was used to attract customers to visit the store. You can visit the website here or view a photo of the website below:

Over the years, Holland developed and implemented targeted spring TV media buys to promote the brand and increase store traffic. In 2015, Aquatic & Garden Décor ran TV spots in Dayton and immediately saw growth in their web and in-store traffic. You can watch one of these TV spots by clicking the link below:

As a result of these strategic marketing efforts, Aquatic & Garden Décor is Cincinnati’s largest retail store of its kind, the Midwest’s largest selection of outdoor products, and a destination store for the Midwest region. The total marketing campaign has continued to increase awareness and drive traffic to the site as well as the store.

In September 2017, our Cincinnati advertising agency started a Display/Retargeting campaign that is scheduled to end in December. We’re confident this effort will also improve Aquatic & Garden Décor’s fall business. By targeting specific zip codes, keywords, competitors, as well as many other demographics, we will direct potential customers to a landing page that highlights holiday items with a message that boasts “Buy Unique From Our Boutique.” As you can imagine, we are eagerly waiting to see the results.

Are you in need of growing your business 10% to 15% to 20%? Contact Paul Frodge at 513.744.3009, or email him at and you can also become one of our many client success stories.


A Prime Brand For Jeff Ruby From Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 9 of 12


In 2008, Holland Advertising : Interactive convinced Jeff Ruby, one of the nation’s most renowned restaurateurs, that his name was an effective part of his brand.

When our Cincinnati advertising agency started working with Ruby, three of his restaurants did not show his name in their logos. One of the three restaurants was known as The Waterfront – a fine dining restaurant floating on the Ohio River. And without any sort of wager, Holland had bet Jeff Ruby no one knew The Waterfront was owned by him.

Our marketing strategy then went into solidifying the corporate identity for Jeff Ruby’s Culinary Entertainment and all of its corresponding restaurants. Holland designed each logo with an oval shape and gold/black/white color scheme. Inside each oval, we placed the name of the restaurant in a distinguishable font, and finally, Ruby’s recognizable signature. Once the logo for each restaurant was created, we put together an elaborate Brand Standard book to ensure these methods were used perfectly in all marketing outlets.

With the Brand Standard set, our Cincinnati advertising agency then launched several campaigns. From February to July, we ran a 14×48 ft. rotary bulletin through Norton Outdoor; In March 2008, we ran a coupon through RSVP’s promotional post-cards targeting people between the ages of 30-64 and who were highly-educated earners with household incomes; And finally, in April 2008, we ran a 7-week flight of a 30-second spot and a 10-second spot on network T.V.

After it was all said and done, Jeff Ruby saw an 18% sales lift during the 90-day promotional period as a result of the direct mail and the expressway billboard. Tom Norton of Norton Outdoor commended Holland saying it was the best branding work that had ever been done in Cincinnati.  In fact, our Cincinnati advertising agency was proven to be right when Jeff Ruby said people dined in his restaurants and commented on how they didn’t know he owned The Waterfront as well as his two other restaurants.

Since then, Jeff Ruby has continued to keep his name on the logos of his restaurants. Even though he may have lost the “bet,” he did win a cohesive brand that was easily recognizable to consumers. In fact, after all these years he has kept his brand standards almost exactly the same with only a few minor changes if any.

Are you in need of a strategic and cohesive brand? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at and you can become one of our many client success stories.

You can review some of our work with Jeff Ruby below:


Cincinnati Advertising Agency Cost Effectively Targets Kaeser & Blair’s Best Customers

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 8 of 12

Holland Advertising : Interactive has been providing marketing and advertising services to Kaeser & Blair for many years. Kaeser & Blair is a leader in the Promotional Products Industry, offering direct sales businesses to people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Recently, Holland was challenged to improve the creative messaging and increase the cost effectiveness of Kaeser & Blair’s marketing investment to get people to become a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner.

Our first step in achieving this goal was to differentiate Kaeser & Blair’s brand from their competition, so we created the strategic brand tagline, “Profits & Reputation Beyond Compare.” Later, we obtained a customer database from Kaeser & Blair along with their sales history and prospects that were interested in the Business Owner Program but never converted. From there, our Cincinnati advertising agency appended nearly 130 different demographic data points to each Kaeser & Blair record and matched about 65% of their records.

Based on the purchase history and demographics, our Cincinnati advertising agency was able to create 5 separate Best Customer Profiles and we identified the highest performer among the 5 profiles as “Lauren.” Once we had a clear description for the Lauren profile, we began focusing Kaeser & Blair’s limited marketing dollars toward it.

For example, with the Kaeser & Blair website, Holland Advertising added new web pages using keywords that were relevant to the Lauren profile and improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We also identified 10 bloggers who targeted women similar to our Lauren profile and invested marketing dollars in connecting with their audience through banner ads, blog posts, email marketing, and promotional opportunities. Other strategies included writing monthly blog post(s) focused on different SEO keywords relevant to the Lauren profile. And then, we made adjustments to Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click campaign to target the Lauren profile through stay-at-home mom ads.

Lastly, our Cincinnati advertising agency sent out an email marketing survey to prospects, customers, and lapsed business owners and identified behaviors and insights. The survey asked recipients questions like, “Why did you become a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner?” and “What did you enjoy about being a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner?” We then took what we had learned from this primary research, prioritized it, and integrated it into our creative messaging.

All of these steps combined contributed to a cost effective increase of Kaeser & Blair’s marketing investment.

By targeting women within the Lauren profile on Google Adwords/Pay-Per-Click, we came from having a $38 cost per conversion to now having a $20 cost per conversion. The blogger marketing program is delivering a $2 – $10 cost per conversion. In fact, a recent quarterly email from one of the bloggers had a 21.2% open rate and 146 conversions – a cost per conversion of $6. And finally, the organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing with the help of SEO is generating the most conversions at a cost per conversion of $25.

Would you like to see if it’s possible to improve your creative messaging and increase the cost effectiveness of your marketing investment? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at and you can become one of our many client success stories.

Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Takes Paramount’s Kings Island On A Ride To Success

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 7 of 12

From 1996 to 2002, Holland Advertising : Interactive had the pleasure of working with Paramount’s Kings Island – one of the largest amusement parks in the Midwest. During that time, our job was to increase Group Sales attendance each season.

So what did we do?

First, our Cincinnati advertising agency communicated that the Group Sales Picnic Grove and Park Package was a “value package” to targeted group’s sales customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Michigan. Second, we designed numerous direct mail campaigns for events such as Healthcare Days, Math & Science Days, Grad Night, Greek Week, Cheerleader Days, and Public Employee Days to attract each respective audience. We even created a TV spot that promoted the entire park experience and not just a single ride. You can watch the TV spot below.

Finally, we created and executed a Spring & Summer “4-pack” couponing promotion to the general public and businesses in our target markets. In the 2001 and 2002 seasons, our Cincinnati advertising agency mailed 11,735,250 coupons for the Spring & Summer “4-pack” and measured a 4.9% redemption rate. More than 575,000 coupons made their way back to Paramount’s Kings Island in the form of Group Sales, which greatly impacted attendance.

With all our marketing efforts combined, Paramount’s Kings Island saw a 7% average group sales annual attendance growth rate between 1996 and 2002. When we asked Linda Jensen (who was VP Marketing and Sales at the time) what she thought of our Cincinnati advertising agency, she said this:

“Since we began working together in 1996, your commitment to our company has made all the difference.  Not only have you produced excellent work, you’ve also planned ahead to help us save costs and meet deadlines while giving us amazing turn-around.  Your team has helped make us the most successful Group Sales department among all of the Paramount Parks.”

In short, our Cincinnati advertising agency accomplished our goal all while remaining cost efficient, which provided Paramount’s Kings Island with a greater ROI.

Would you like to find the same success as Paramount’s Kings Island?

You can become one of our many client success stories by contacting Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001 or email him at


Paramount’s Kings Island 30 Second TV Spot