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Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Develops A Brand For A Unique Boutique

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Holland Advertising : Interactive has worked with Aquatic & Garden Décor since 1990. During that time, our Cincinnati advertising agency has continually developed a brand preference for their unique specialty store with a limited marketing budget and has helped build their business by 10% to 15% to even 20% each year. Our challenge, however, has always been to increase sales and grow the customer base within the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton markets.

Back in 1990, when we first met with Aquatic & Garden Décor, they were using line drawings to sell their products in newspaper ads. Knowing how colorful each product was, Holland instead suggested they focus their marketing dollars on TV advertising to truly show the diverse and beautiful product selection. In the spring of 1991, Holland produced the first TV campaign with a series of spots, which started the client’s appreciation of TV.

Another part of our solution was to develop a logo and tagline to create their Brand Identity and differentiate them from their competition. After an in-depth look into Aquatic & Garden Décor’s business and product selection, we created “The Art of Beautiful Living™” – a testament to what customers could expect when shopping at Aquatic & Garden Décor. Here is their logo with the aforementioned brand tagline:

Next, our Cincinnati advertising agency designed a sophisticated website showcasing their extensive outdoor products line up. As TV spots continued to showcase their diverse product line, Aquatic & Garden Décor online presence grew stronger, the website was used to attract customers to visit the store. You can visit the website here or view a photo of the website below:

Over the years, Holland developed and implemented targeted spring TV media buys to promote the brand and increase store traffic. In 2015, Aquatic & Garden Décor ran TV spots in Dayton and immediately saw growth in their web and in-store traffic. You can watch one of these TV spots by clicking the link below:


As a result of these strategic marketing efforts, Aquatic & Garden Décor is Cincinnati’s largest retail store of its kind, the Midwest’s largest selection of outdoor products, and a destination store for the Midwest region. The total marketing campaign has continued to increase awareness and drive traffic to the site as well as the store.

In September 2017, our Cincinnati advertising agency started a Display/Retargeting campaign that is scheduled to end in December. We’re confident this effort will also improve Aquatic & Garden Décor’s fall business. By targeting specific zip codes, keywords, competitors, as well as many other demographics, we will direct potential customers to a landing page that highlights holiday items with a message that boasts “Buy Unique From Our Boutique.” As you can imagine, we are eagerly waiting to see the results.

Are you in need of growing your business 10% to 15% to 20%? Contact Paul Frodge at 513.744.3009, or email him at pfrodge@hollandadvertising.com and you can also become one of our many client success stories.


A Prime Brand For Jeff Ruby From Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency

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In 2008, Holland Advertising : Interactive convinced Jeff Ruby, one of the nation’s most renowned restaurateurs, that his name was an effective part of his brand.

When our Cincinnati advertising agency started working with Ruby, three of his restaurants did not show his name in their logos. One of the three restaurants was known as The Waterfront – a fine dining restaurant floating on the Ohio River. And without any sort of wager, Holland had bet Jeff Ruby no one knew The Waterfront was owned by him.

Our marketing strategy then went into solidifying the corporate identity for Jeff Ruby’s Culinary Entertainment and all of its corresponding restaurants. Holland designed each logo with an oval shape and gold/black/white color scheme. Inside each oval, we placed the name of the restaurant in a distinguishable font, and finally, Ruby’s recognizable signature. Once the logo for each restaurant was created, we put together an elaborate Brand Standard book to ensure these methods were used perfectly in all marketing outlets.

With the Brand Standard set, our Cincinnati advertising agency then launched several campaigns. From February to July, we ran a 14×48 ft. rotary bulletin through Norton Outdoor; In March 2008, we ran a coupon through RSVP’s promotional post-cards targeting people between the ages of 30-64 and who were highly-educated earners with household incomes; And finally, in April 2008, we ran a 7-week flight of a 30-second spot and a 10-second spot on network T.V.

After it was all said and done, Jeff Ruby saw an 18% sales lift during the 90-day promotional period as a result of the direct mail and the expressway billboard. Tom Norton of Norton Outdoor commended Holland saying it was the best branding work that had ever been done in Cincinnati.  In fact, our Cincinnati advertising agency was proven to be right when Jeff Ruby said people dined in his restaurants and commented on how they didn’t know he owned The Waterfront as well as his two other restaurants.

Since then, Jeff Ruby has continued to keep his name on the logos of his restaurants. Even though he may have lost the “bet,” he did win a cohesive brand that was easily recognizable to consumers. In fact, after all these years he has kept his brand standards almost exactly the same with only a few minor changes if any.

Are you in need of a strategic and cohesive brand? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com and you can become one of our many client success stories.

You can review some of our work with Jeff Ruby below:


Cincinnati Advertising Agency Cost Effectively Targets Kaeser & Blair’s Best Customers

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 8 of 12

Holland Advertising : Interactive has been providing marketing and advertising services to Kaeser & Blair for many years. Kaeser & Blair is a leader in the Promotional Products Industry, offering direct sales businesses to people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Recently, Holland was challenged to improve the creative messaging and increase the cost effectiveness of Kaeser & Blair’s marketing investment to get people to become a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner.

Our first step in achieving this goal was to differentiate Kaeser & Blair’s brand from their competition, so we created the strategic brand tagline, “Profits & Reputation Beyond Compare.” Later, we obtained a customer database from Kaeser & Blair along with their sales history and prospects that were interested in the Business Owner Program but never converted. From there, our Cincinnati advertising agency appended nearly 130 different demographic data points to each Kaeser & Blair record and matched about 65% of their records.

Based on the purchase history and demographics, our Cincinnati advertising agency was able to create 5 separate Best Customer Profiles and we identified the highest performer among the 5 profiles as “Lauren.” Once we had a clear description for the Lauren profile, we began focusing Kaeser & Blair’s limited marketing dollars toward it.

For example, with the Kaeser & Blair website, Holland Advertising added new web pages using keywords that were relevant to the Lauren profile and improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We also identified 10 bloggers who targeted women similar to our Lauren profile and invested marketing dollars in connecting with their audience through banner ads, blog posts, email marketing, and promotional opportunities. Other strategies included writing monthly blog post(s) focused on different SEO keywords relevant to the Lauren profile. And then, we made adjustments to Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click campaign to target the Lauren profile through stay-at-home mom ads.

Lastly, our Cincinnati advertising agency sent out an email marketing survey to prospects, customers, and lapsed business owners and identified behaviors and insights. The survey asked recipients questions like, “Why did you become a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner?” and “What did you enjoy about being a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner?” We then took what we had learned from this primary research, prioritized it, and integrated it into our creative messaging.

All of these steps combined contributed to a cost effective increase of Kaeser & Blair’s marketing investment.

By targeting women within the Lauren profile on Google Adwords/Pay-Per-Click, we came from having a $38 cost per conversion to now having a $20 cost per conversion. The blogger marketing program is delivering a $2 – $10 cost per conversion. In fact, a recent quarterly email from one of the bloggers had a 21.2% open rate and 146 conversions – a cost per conversion of $6. And finally, the organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing with the help of SEO is generating the most conversions at a cost per conversion of $25.

Would you like to see if it’s possible to improve your creative messaging and increase the cost effectiveness of your marketing investment? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com and you can become one of our many client success stories.

Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Takes Paramount’s Kings Island On A Ride To Success

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 7 of 12

From 1996 to 2002, Holland Advertising : Interactive had the pleasure of working with Paramount’s Kings Island – one of the largest amusement parks in the Midwest. During that time, our job was to increase Group Sales attendance each season.

So what did we do?

First, our Cincinnati advertising agency communicated that the Group Sales Picnic Grove and Park Package was a “value package” to targeted group’s sales customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Michigan. Second, we designed numerous direct mail campaigns for events such as Healthcare Days, Math & Science Days, Grad Night, Greek Week, Cheerleader Days, and Public Employee Days to attract each respective audience. We even created a TV spot that promoted the entire park experience and not just a single ride. You can watch the TV spot below.

Finally, we created and executed a Spring & Summer “4-pack” couponing promotion to the general public and businesses in our target markets. In the 2001 and 2002 seasons, our Cincinnati advertising agency mailed 11,735,250 coupons for the Spring & Summer “4-pack” and measured a 4.9% redemption rate. More than 575,000 coupons made their way back to Paramount’s Kings Island in the form of Group Sales, which greatly impacted attendance.

With all our marketing efforts combined, Paramount’s Kings Island saw a 7% average group sales annual attendance growth rate between 1996 and 2002. When we asked Linda Jensen (who was VP Marketing and Sales at the time) what she thought of our Cincinnati advertising agency, she said this:

“Since we began working together in 1996, your commitment to our company has made all the difference.  Not only have you produced excellent work, you’ve also planned ahead to help us save costs and meet deadlines while giving us amazing turn-around.  Your team has helped make us the most successful Group Sales department among all of the Paramount Parks.”

In short, our Cincinnati advertising agency accomplished our goal all while remaining cost efficient, which provided Paramount’s Kings Island with a greater ROI.

Would you like to find the same success as Paramount’s Kings Island?

You can become one of our many client success stories by contacting Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001 or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.


Paramount’s Kings Island 30 Second TV Spot

Advance Dentistry Doubles Its Business Thanks To Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 6 of 12

In 2010, Holland Advertising : Interactive was challenged by our client, Advanced Family & Implant Dentistry, to grow their established dental practice by 120 patients each month. Additionally, to make the goal even more challenging, our Cincinnati advertising agency was determined to only use the previous year’s budget to make it happen.

After meeting with Dr. Scott Sayre from Advanced Family & Implant Dentistry, we understood the new campaign needed to address the primary reasons why most people avoid the dentist. Our Cincinnati advertising agency needed to develop a compelling message that helped people overcome their fear of visiting the dentist. Since the practice wasn’t targeting families, our first step was to shorten the practice’s name from Advanced Family & Implant Dentistry to the more simple Advance Dentistry.

Along with the new company name, we created a new corporate identity and brand tagline. The tagline simply stated, “Your Comfort is Our Top Priority,” to calm the fears of potential patients. In addition, new creative was developed in television, radio, and print to recognize and calm their target audience’s fear.

After analyzing the previous year’s media buy, Holland reallocated the television investment with a plan to reach the target demographic with greater frequency. By reallocating money spent on FOX 19 and moving it to WLWT, WCPO, and WKRC we were able to reach the target market of women 35 years plus more successfully. In fact, the new television schedule resulted in a 40% increased reach of the target market.

Money reallocations didn’t stop at television, though. Our Cincinnati advertising agency moved money around to also run more focused radio on WLW and print ads for The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Once everything was put into place, Holland Advertising : Interactive implemented an innovative digital dashboard to track and record each incoming phone call from each media utilized. Data from the digital dashboard identified that 264 calls were received in the first month of implementation, and 166 of these resulted in new patients – a 38% increase over Advance Dentistry’s initial goal. Twelve months into the program, Advance Dentistry saw a 46% increase with an average of 175 new patients per month.

Within a year, Advance Dentistry had doubled its business and expanded its facility. Near the end of the campaign, Advance Dentistry was averaging 250 new patients per month, a huge 108% increase over their original goal of 120 new patients per month.

Would you like to see if it’s possible to experience the same kind of growth without increasing the dollars you currently spend on marketing? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com and you can become one of our many client success stories.

Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Triples Mullaney’s Pharmacy & Medical Supply’s Sales

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Currently owned and operated by Tom Mullaney, Mullaney’s Pharmacy & Medical Supply recently celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2016, and much like Holland Advertising : Interactive, Mullaney’s is in its 3rd generation of ownership.

Our history with Mullaney’s begins in 1998 when Tom Mullaney and Mark Holland first agreed to do business with each other during a lunch meeting. The challenge since then has been to increase awareness of the pharmacy and its medical equipment & supplies. We also wanted to build its business with a much smaller budget than the national competitors who dominate the same markets.

In our first big attempt to rise to this challenge, our Cincinnati advertising agency advised Mullaney’s to collectively combine marketing efforts with two other local pharmacies, Bernens and Kunkel, to form Everything Medical. Through Everything Medical, all three pharmacies paved the way to a stronger presence in the Greater Cincinnati market.

In addition, our Cincinnati advertising agency used the following marketing strategies to increase awareness of Mullaney’s Pharmacy & Medical Supply:

  • Developed a TV campaign and executed targeted TV media buys
  • Developed Yellow Pages advertising
  • Created low-investment, high-impact direct mail pieces
  • Designed and created sales literature
  • Built websites for Everything Medical and Mullaney’s
  • Developed radio campaign, using local personality Bob Braun as a spokesperson
  • Used PR to establish Mullaney’s as a trusted source for health care products and information.

Years later, our Cincinnati advertising agency continued to develop campaigns and execute targeted media buys in outdoor, transit, television, radio, access buses, and the yellow pages. However, we first improved the Mullaney’s logo to create a unified brand across all mediums and establish an even stronger presence in Greater Cincinnati. We also created low-investment, high-impact, dimensional direct mail pieces, designed vinyl wraps for delivery trucks, and placed ads in Reach Magazine and targeted ValPak’s.

Within recent years, we have also improved Mullaney’s online presence by building a website that effectively leveraged Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Once their website was complete, we consulted the client to develop an e-commerce site as a way to list products and improve sales. Mullaney’s online presence will continue to spread as we start a digital retargeting campaign soon.

Ultimately, Holland Advertising’s marketing efforts since 1998 have tripled Mullaney’s Pharmacy and Medical Supply’s sales. In addition the expansion of the Blue Ash store, Mullaney’s has also grown to have new locations in Cheviot and West Chester.

Would you like to become one of our many client success stories? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.

Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Brands
Office Furniture Source For Greater ROI

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 4 of 12

At Holland Advertising : Interactive, our celebration for 80 years of client success stories continues as we take a look back on what we have done with Office Furniture Source since 2012.

As Cincinnati’s premier office furniture specialist, Office Furniture Source has more than 30 years of success in serving its clients. Their value doesn’t just come from having the widest selection of in-stock furniture in the region, though. They also have unparalleled service from design experts who utilize 3-D software and an installation team that delivers and assembles furniture at your office.

When our Cincinnati advertising agency began working with Office Furniture Source, we recognized they needed a new website. Our challenge was to turn the website into a strategic tool to communicate their brand story while leveraging search engine optimization (SEO). We were also determined to increase traffic to the website from qualified prospects and in return create an opportunity to increase sales.

To achieve our goals, we first developed Office Furniture Source’s brand story and created the tagline: “Largest Showroom. Experienced Team. Designed for ROI.” Then we created the new website which implemented SEO keyword research, site analysis, and SEO copy.

As a result, our Cincinnati advertising agency successfully increased organic visits to Office Furniture Source’s website. In fact, a keyword research report done on May 1, 2015 showed Holland Advertising’s efforts in leveraging SEO helped Office Furniture Source rank onto the first page of search engine results. The report also showed each keyword had an average ranking of 1.77.

The rankings proved to be effective when we measured that the site had seen a 3000 percent increase in organic visitors – new visitors who got to the page by clicking on a search result. Holland Advertising came to this measurement when we saw only 13 organic visitors on the site in April 2014 but an exponential increase of 500 organic visitors in April 2015.

As of March 2017, Office Furniture Source’s keywords have remained on the first page of search engine results with an average ranking of 2.25 on Google and sales have continued to increase. Since our Cincinnati advertising agency has begun working with Office Furniture Source there have been significant increases in revenue each year.

Since 2012, Office Furniture Source’s sales have increased by 76%. In 2016, their sales were high enough to be granted their second consecutive year as a Cincinnati Business Courier Fast 55 finalist. We expect to see this trend continue as our Cincinnati advertising agency works alongside Office Furniture Source.

Would you like to become one of our many client success stories? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.

Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Begins Long Lasting Relationship With The Rug Gallery

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 Having been named “The Best Specialty Rug Retailer in America” by the Atlanta Floor Covering Market, The Rug Gallery is obviously the best rug retailer in the Cincinnati area. And they have been one of Holland’s loyal clients for over 25 years.

Our relationship with The Rug Gallery dates back to when Holland won over their business in 1990. Back then, The Rug Gallery was spending its marketing dollars on radio and black & white newspaper advertising. However, Holland Advertising realized The Rug Gallery was really in the business of selling color and its marketing strategy wasn’t successful.

As a solution, Holland eliminated the dollars invested in radio and newspaper and moved them into television. This way people would see the beautiful rugs in The Rug Gallery showroom. Additionally, our Cincinnati Advertising Agency negotiated highly effective and targeted media buys, placed bold outdoor advertising in targeted zip codes, and built an attractive, user-friendly website.

When The Rug Gallery moved to their Blue Ash Store back in 1992, Holland ran a 3-½ week Moving Sale with newspaper, radio, and television. The campaign was a huge success as it generated 3 months of sales in less than a month. By consistently bringing fresh ideas to The Rug Gallery, Holland Advertising was able to partner in an increase in The Rug Gallery’s sales by 400% within 14 years.

13 years later, we have continued to use television advertising to reach a wide audience for The Rug Gallery. Meanwhile, we have targeted specific audiences through digital advertising. In fact, for each sales promotion, we have targeted audiences based n demographics such as gender, age, zip codes, household income, and home ownership. Here are some of the ways we have used digital marketing to successfully increase The Rug Gallery’s business:

  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Site Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Pre-Roll
  • Display Banners
  • Pay Per Click
  • Keyword Marketing

At Holland Advertising, we consider The Rug Gallery a great success story because we have drastically helped build their business.

Would you like to become one of our many client success stories? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.

Husman’s Snack Foods: When Cincinnati’s Snack Partnered with Cincinnati’s Advertising Agency

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Vintage Husman’s Can

Husman’s Snack Foods has been a recognized brand in grocery stores across the Greater Cincinnati area for generations. It’s a brand that most consumers have grown up with and much of its marketing success can be attributed to Holland Advertising : Interactive. Just like some Cincinnatians may say their favorite ice cream is Graeter’s, many Cincinnatians will say their favorite potato chips are Husman’s. It’s one of the many success stories from our Cincinnati Advertising Agency.

Husman’s relationship with Holland Advertising began in 1958. Unlike other Cincinnati advertising agencies that on average have a client’s business 3-5 years, Holland had Husman’s Snack Foods as a client for 50 years. And it’s no wonder why—our marketing campaigns in the 60’s and 70’s spread the Husman’s name to the far reaches of the tri-state; including Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Lexington, and Frankfort. In fact, our capabilities earned the loyalty of Husman’s to continue our partnership as they experienced changes in leadership multiple times.
So what did we do to make Husman’s Snack Foods one of our many success stories? We did a lot. From bus advertising to T.V. and Radio spots, if it was possible then we did it. We even helped Husman’s with their product development.

Husman's Bus

Cincinnati Trolley Bus featuring Husman’s ad

Our most popular campaigns included a jingle developed by Earl Holland, our second-generation owner, which you can listen to by clicking here. Like most jingles, it’s hard to get out of your head. In fact, people still remember the classic “When the chips are down, be sure they’re Husman’s” tune because it was played so frequently on the radio and TV back in the day.

Our ten-second TV spots were also a success. These spots were meant to be cute and playful, and so, Earl Holland, allowed his children to be the talent. With Earl’s children, Mark, Bryan, and Carol, Husman’s appealed to children as well as adults. Their smiles assured children that Husman’s was a delicious snack and having them sit around a dinner table confirmed for parents that it could also be a tasty side dish.

These spots helped Husman’s become the number 1 snack in the Cincinnati snack market for over 20 years, and they are incredibly nostalgic. These T.V. spots give us a glimpse of the younger versions of our current business owners at Holland Advertising : Interactive. Although, they may not look the same, Bryan and Mark can still help businesses achieve a greater ROI on their marketing investments. They just won’t be in front of a camera next time they do it.

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, we encourage you to scroll through stills from the classic video spots and ask you to share any memories you may have of the work we once did at Husman’s Snack Foods.

Would you like to become one of our many client success stories? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.

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Cincinnati Advertising Agency Looks Back On First of Many Success Stories

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 •  Blog 1 of 12

Before Holland Advertising: Interactive was known as the oldest family-run advertising agency in the United States, it was only a dream. Bill Holland, with a deep love for the business, had always wanted to start his own advertising agency in Cincinnati but was already living a comfortable life selling radio spots for WCKY. However, in 1937, that all started to change—Bill’s commissions had suddenly been cut when he started to make more money than his sales manager at WCKY. Frustrated by his management, Bill decided to take a risk and left his job. He was going to turn his dream into a reality.

Shortly after leaving WCKY, Bill started his own advertising agency in Cincinnati and named it the William F. Holland Company. His advertising agency had several accounts, but its first great success came when Bill identified a serious fire problem not only costing home and business owners their possessions and money but sadly, their lives as well. Determined to do something about it, Bill Holland wrote and produced a radio program titled Firefighters.

 Bill, and his Cincinnati advertising agency, wrote and directed 140 episodes for Firefighters and then produced them at an NBC Recording Division in New York City. The Firefighters story followed the heroic adventures of the rookie firefighter, Tim Collins, who completed firefighter training after returning from World War II. Each episode focused on a particular fire emergency Tim and his fellow firefighters had to face. At the end of each episode the character, Fire Chief Bob Cody (portrayed by future Tony Award Nominee Cameron Prud’Homme) spoke to listeners directly about fire safety.

 As the nation’s first fire safety public service program, Firefighters was designed to teach fire prevention and good citizenship through dramatized stories of real fires. In addition, young listeners across the country were encouraged to practice fire safety by joining the Junior Firefighters Kids Club. Bill and his Cincinnati advertising agency were even able to get the radio program syndicated in over 225 markets and outranked national network radio shows like Lone Ranger and Sky King in Cincinnati. Its success even coined the term “firefighters” to be used in place of “firemen.”

However, the Cincinnati advertising agency’s success wasn’t truly felt until it had received a letter from Cincinnati Fire Chief Barney Houston in 1949. The letter commended William F. Holland Company for Firefighters because Chief Houston believed the radio program was directly responsible for a 20% reduction in false alarms. Additionally, Chief Houston noted his Fire Inspectors found the removal of common fire hazards in homes of Junior Firefighters. This small bit of information was confirmation for Bill that his Cincinnati advertising agency made a difference. The nation had become a safer place.

To this day, Firefighters is considered an important contribution to public fire safety awareness around the country, and the Cincinnati advertising agency is still doing its part to spread the message of fire safety through continued marketing efforts. The William F. Holland Company is now known as Holland Advertising: Interactive and Bill’s grandsons, Mark and Bryan, are now partners in the business. Together, they are leading the charge in helping the Cincinnati Fire Museum by developing a new brand and other marketing strategies. Mark serves on the Cincinnati Fire Museum Board of Directors and shares a common goal with his brother to educate museum-goers about fire safety. Part of this goal was reached when Holland Advertising: Interactive recently launched the new Cincinnati Fire Museum website, completing Phase 1 of an improved online presence. The Holland Brothers also plan to continue their efforts through an exciting and interactive experience found in a Cincinnati Fire Museum App that is still in development.

To learn more on how our family-run advertising agency in Cincinnati has achieved fresh ideas, experienced execution, and greater ROI with our clients for 80 years then subscribe to our blog. We’ll be celebrating 80 years of client success stories throughout the year by sharing pieces of history like Firefighters each month.

Would you like to become one of our many client success stories? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.