Effective Brand Strategy

Holland will help you identify your business’s unique selling proposition (USP) and craft a brand strategy (or brand story) that differentiates your business from its primary competitors. This brand story will be anchored by a strategic brand tagline using the USP to benefit the brand. It will be compelling, authentic and connect with your customers and prospects.

In addition, Holland will help your business gain a competitive advantage with the creation of memorable and ownable visual equities for your brand. Comprehensive consistency across all strategic and executional initiatives from sales literature, website, digital marketing, advertising, direct mail, email communications and other tactics will enhance your marketing success. Protecting your equities with a brand management system for consistent visual expression of your brand is critical. Logo development, corporate identity programs and corporate/product name development are other related services that Holland provides. Proper execution of your brand is absolutely essential in today’s marketplace.

Holland has launched brands and created corporate identities. We have crafted brand taglines that speak volumes in just a few words, and followed through with copy that echoes our clients’ brand message in a singular voice. Branding isn’t just visual; it includes your message, vision and unique selling proposition.

Services include:

Brand & Corporate Identity
Logo Development
Corporate and/or Product Name Development
Brand Messaging
Brand Standards
Corporate Collateral
Internal Communication