15 Feb 2015

Are You Maximizing Your Internet Marketing Efforts?

If you’re not, you may be leaving profits on the table and losing customers to savvier competitors.

15 Feb 2015

The GOOD news is that isn’t too late to squash your competition! Internet marketing can be a quick, sometimes instantaneous way to connect with your customers – both existing and potential.

So what does internet marketing mean to YOU?

Here’s what it means to Holland – an internet marketing agency in Cincinnati:

  • An optimized website communicating your brand story and unique selling proposition.
  • Complete, compelling product information.
  • Content designed to convert surfers to customers.
  • Links to and interaction with social media platforms.
  • Pay-per-click advertising that gets your site on page one of searches.
  • Retargeted ads directed to surfers that have viewed your site – and left.
  • Capturing as much data as possible about visitors, and applying that info to your marketing efforts.
  • Engaging your customers with interesting and pertinent information – either blogging or with email campaigns.
  • Embedded video content that tells your story or showcases your products – or both.
  • A responsive opt-in email list.
  • Encouraging your existing customers to comment, praise, and share information about your product or service.

Does this seem a like a lot? Not to us! An effective and optimized site can get surfers to you, but without compelling content that is easy to access and comment on, an engaging brand story, and information that helps convert surfers to customers they may leave, never to return.

Planning a successful strategy for internet marketing in Cincinnati and beyond does take focus and creativity, but once you craft and execute your internet marketing plan, you’ll find maintaining and updating to be easy.

The best way to begin is to find an internet marketing agency in Cincinnati. At Holland, an internet marketing agency in Cincinnati, we start the process by setting clear and reasonable goals. To start, here are the 6 categories to consider –

  • 1. Brand Story – How do your current efforts communicate your unique selling proposition and brand story? Are all your efforts – from social media to website to email campaigns – consistent in their messaging?
  • 2. Leads – Can you capture information from your visitors, and are you effectively engaging them?
  • 3. Conversions – Does your site have a clear strategy to convert visitors into customers?
  • 4. Revenue – Are you tracking revenue that is generated via your website or social networking?
  • 5. Internet sales – Are you selling directly from your site? If so, how’s that working?
  • 6. Engagement – Are visitors actively engaged in your site, social media, etc.? Are your followers or likes increasing? Are you responding to posts and posting new material?

All of these are 6 categories are important and inextricably linked to each other and the success of your internet marketing in Cincinnati. With ALL of the above it is helpful to remember that while you are engaging and converting surfers in cyberspace, you want the interaction to be as if you are face to face. Any and all contact should be as informative and authentic as it would be if you were communicating directly with a customer or potential customer because you are! Use this platform to leverage your strengths and downplay any weaknesses you may have. Some of the most surprising successes come from when companies do just that!

Some fantastic examples are in the following slideshare on HubSpot – a great resource for the latest marketing techniques. It’s well worth the read. http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/11-examples-of-online-marketing-success

Are you ready to get started? Call Holland Advertising : Interactive – an internet marketing agency in Cincinnati. We will craft an internet marketing strategy that will deliver a greater return on your marketing investment. Call Bryan at 513.744.3001 or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.

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