15 Feb 2015

7 Biggest Mistakes in Healthcare Marketing

Get a Healthier Return on Your Healthcare Marketing Investment

15 Feb 2015

Having a strategic marketing plan isn’t just for the business sector. Potential patients have many choices about medical care, and a common mistake medical and dental care providers make is not having a solid marketing plan. At Holland Advertising : Interactive, a healthcare marketing agency in Cincinnati, we see the same mistakes repeated by our clients – which is why they’ve come to us for help. Here they are.

1. Not using social media. If you think healthcare DOESN’T translate well to social media, think again! It ‘s a great forum to put a personal touch in your practice. Showing the latest technological addition to your office is great, and so is a patient of the week or month, success story, or newest addition to your staff. Remember to keep a balance; personalized posts juxtaposed with the latest tips and trends will give keep people interested. Remember to maintain your pages – unlike your website, people can leave comments that can be viewed by everyone. If you do receive negative comments you are NOT required to leave them up. Feel free to remove them and block any negative content, but FIRST address any problems with the patient who posted them.

Here are some of the trends for healthcare marketing in Cincinnati and beyond. It’s well worth a read! http://www.wordviewediting.com/9-social-media-that-could-impact-healthcare-marketers/

2. Not using the internet to drive new patient leads. If a potential customer is searching for your specialty in your area, then why SHOULDN’T they be directed right to you? Consider adding Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and retargeted ads to your marketing plan. With PPC, when a potential patients searches for keywords that pertain to your location and specialty, your practice is placed at the top of the list. With retargeted ads, when a potential patient visits your site and leaves, the next time they are surfing your ad pops up. It’s a great way to subtly remind them to call YOU for an appointment! Let Holland Advertising : Interactive, a healthcare marketing agency in Cincinnati help you craft an internet marketing plan that brings new patients to your office.

Check out what some of the experts say, then call us! http://www.healthcaresuccess.com/articles/start-getting-patients-tomorrow.html

3. Not updating your website. Keep it current. Patients need to see that you attend to and update your site. A visit to the site in August to find only winter hours can seem careless, and it shows a lack of attention to your brand. Update your content with the latest health info, and be sure you have links to your Facebook or other social media sites. If your site is lackluster, get some help from an expert. Holland Advertising : Interactive is a healthcare marketing agency in Cincinnati with the tools to create a site that informs your patients and communicates your unique selling proposition.

4. Not using press releases. It’s amazing how much information about healthcare these days focuses on negative issues. Turn that upside-down by letting the media print something positive, like adding a new physician or dentist to your practice, or the latest trend in your specialty. You’ll be surprised what a little good press can do!

5. Not participating in community outreach. Participate in a free healthcare day. Donate time, money or services to your community. Find a way to sponsor a local healthcare event. The more you give, the more you get, and all of these are a great way to get your name on potential patients’ lips.

6. Not focusing on patient experience. The care your patients receive from you is only part of their experience as your patient. Do you really know how they feel about their entire experience at your office? It’s important to have a forum for them to give both positive and negative feedback about your staff, billing and the care they receive. It’s important that they feel heard before they register a complaint via social media or word of mouth. The best part? Happy patients are likely to allow you to post their testimonials on your site or Facebook page.

7. Not cultivating relationships with other physicians. Why is this so important? Referrals. One of the best ways to generate new patients is to get the word out to physicians about your office, specialty and commitment to patient care. A physician is more likely to refer patients to you if he or she knows you, so staying active in the medical community, either at professional or charity events, is key. Here are some tips to making referrals work for you. http://getreferralmd.com/2012/06/5-steps-to-make-medical-referral-marketing-work-for-you/

Does all of this seem like more than you can handle? For most doctors and dentists it is. Get Fresh Ideas, Experienced Execution, and a Greater ROI from the experts at Holland Advertising : Interactive – a healthcare marketing agency in Cincinnati. We can plan a Healthcare Marketing Strategy that can generate leads, new patients, referrals and best of all, loyal patients! Visit HollandAdvertising.com or call Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001 or 877.865.0977.

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