16 Feb 2016

6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

16 Feb 2016

Email marketing is often one of the most efficient ways for companies of every size to connect with both existing and prospective clients. Through email campaigns, companies can reach a large number of people with minimal investment, while properly monitoring results and modifying future content accordingly.

Marketers frequently rely on the click-through rate (CTR) as an indicator of the success of these emails. Click-through rate measures the engagement of those who open the email, specifically the number of clicks on the links when compared to the number of people who received the email. The lower the click-through rate, the less effective the email is perceived to be; and similarly, with an increase in CTR, an email is considered more successful.

If you would like to see an increase in email engagement, here are six surefire ways to increase click-through rate.

1. Focus on creating an attention-grabbing subject line.

While the subject line of an email does not directly impact your click-through rate, it does influence the likelihood of people actually opening the email. Without the intended audience opening the emails, click-through rate becomes irrelevant. Goal number one should be to grab a reader’s attention with a catchy subject line so that they will want to open the email. Focus on getting them to open the email, and then worry about the email content.

2. Keep copy to a minimum.

Various studies have been conducted on the correlation between the number of words in an email and the click-through rate. The unanimous conclusion was that with an increase in words and copy, there was a decrease in clicks on embedded links or content. Often, companies choose to include too much information in the body of the email, distracting from the ultimate call-to-action. Cut down to the copy essentials, all of which should be centered around or support your call to action.

3. Make the layout visually compelling.

Just as it is vital to make the email content interesting, it is also vital to make the email graphically interesting. If someone opens an email only to be greeted by an overwhelming amount of blank space or boring copy presentation, it is likely that they will hit the “delete” button before doing so much as skimming the content. Breaking up content and making it visually appealing is great way to initially engage, and maintain the reader’s attention throughout.

4. Include links throughout.

Many opt to include the link to a given landing page only once, twice at maximum. What is increasingly useful is cleverly weaving the link throughout the body of the email multiple times. People are easily distracted, so doing this serves as a gentle reminder to the reader what he or she is “supposed to do” based on the email contents.

5. Include media to engage.

It is important to break up the copy with other interesting, visually stimulating content, such as photos, video, etc. At times, this content can stand alone, and can even include the majority of information that would otherwise be designated for the email body. Incorporating this kind of media can often be a great way to engage readers and display information in a more stimulating fashion, while eliminating the need for extra copy.

6. Make your call to action clear.

The call to action should be the focus of the email, as well as the idea around which the copy and contents are formed. The goal of the email should revolve around what you want the reader to ultimately do—visit a landing page, request more information, etc. By keeping this as the focus of your email, you will be more likely to elicit a response and increase your email click-through rate.

If your company is struggling with a low CTR, Holland Advertising: Interactive is here to help. Together, we can work to tailor your messaging to more effectively reach your target audience, and ultimately see higher conversions. For more information, contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001.

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