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Teasdale Fenton is Living on the Air in Cincinnati

“Baby, if you’ve ever wondered, how my floors remain so clean…”

With the recent launch of the new Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning & Restoration campaign, all of us at Holland Advertising have found ourselves unable to stop humming the catchy jingle. Set to the tune of the theme song from the popular 70s/80s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, the new commercial has been a big hit with everyone who experiences it.

Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning & Restoration hired Holland as their agency in 2017. From the outset of our relationship, we talked about creating a jingle that would communicate both their carpet cleaning abilities and long-standing ties to the community. The idea came to light when Jim Olmstead, President of Teasdale Fenton Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, was on a business trip. A colleague mentioned WKRP in Cincinnati when Jim mentioned where he was from, and the idea blossomed. “We wanted a jingle that spoke to our hometown roots and was readily identifiable,” says Jim. “It seems like so often when I tell people where I’m from, the show is mentioned along with the theme song. It just seemed like the perfect fit.”

Both Teasdale Fenton and Holland Advertising have strong ties to the Cincinnati community, so it was important to both companies that we sourced the voices and talent from this area. Local acapella singer, Steve Morgan of the group Straight No Chaser, was asked to be involved, and he enthusiastically embraced the idea. Steve was so excited that he wrote the initial lyrics while on tour with the group in Helsinki, Finland. His is the sole voice heard throughout the jingle, which was crafted by layering different voice tracks to create a single piece of music.

In keeping with the theme of local talent, vocal artist Nancy James was brought in to perform the voiceover for the radio spots. Listen here:

Mickey James, local entertainer and vocal artist with no familial connection to Nancy, was cast as the “singing host” for the commercials. Every aspect of the commercial, from the talent on screen to the behind-the-scenes work, was kept in the Cincinnati area.

“From the first time we heard the rough cut of the jingle, we knew we had something unique,” says Allie Honebrink, Director of Marketing & Creative Services. “And we knew we wanted to create the spots with the idea of campy humor to grab and keep attention.”

“For the visual commercial, we wanted to interject an element of fun into their messaging while communicating their expertise in full-floor cleaning and restoration services,” says Paul Frodge, President & CEO. “The jingle was perfect for grabbing viewers’ attention, and the fun visuals keep that attention until the very end.” Complete with dancing carpet technicians, a satisfied homeowner, and a singing host that pops up out of nowhere, the commercial combines humor with Teasdale Fenton’s message about their carpet cleaning abilities.

Every aspect of creating and launching the commercial was truly a group effort. Paul negotiated rights to the WKRP theme and oversaw the project, and Allie came up with the concept for and directed the TV commercial. Media Director Lisa Specht was responsible for all media placement, and Social Media Manager/Account Coordinator Kyle Mitchell developed a social campaign to support the radio jingle and TV spot. Other members of the Holland team assisted in writing press releases, sharing the commercial on social media, and offering general advice/suggestions. Without the input from each member of our company, this commercial would not have received the overwhelmingly positive reaction that it has.

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